10.09 Governance Sync - Meeting Recap

Hello Buzzers!

This is a recap post of our townhall on 10.09.2021 from 9-10AM PST. These are updates and confirmed actions that we are considering and/or taking and moving forward.

:bear: Community Updates:
-NYC Meetup! Happening Friday 10/22 from 5-8PM EST at Tavern 29
DM @diana on Discord if you are attending, and feel free to invite crypto friends in NYC!

-Moving to Commonwealth: a refreshed version of our current forum where all governance in one place for the DAO. It has voting, forum discussion, and many more features that you can look for here https://commonwealth.im/
Making the move to a crypto-native platform helps the DAO ecosystem of tools and for us to be more innovative in the future with DAO management & governance

-Marketing Committee is officially formed! We will be announcing a roadmap in the next week of action items and what we are tackling next. There is now a @marketing role on the Discord. If there are things that happen in the server that you think can be tweeted out or needs to be in the weekly update, tag us and we’ll mark it down as the next comms to go out.

After the last townhall there were many agitated bears thinking that we were changing too many things about the project. We are extremely transparent of everything that we are doing with BBH and are continually trying to work towards sustainability and decentralized work. With that, there will be proposals of things that we will or want to work on as a founding team/community, but everything will be put up to a vote through our governance process. Not everything that is proposed will pass and there needs to be patience and an open mind of what is to come in the future. We are doing something that hasn’t been done before and building it together and trusting the community is how we will make it happen.

Having said that, here are some things in the works that are actively being worked on to work towards proposal and on-chain voting:

:honeybee: Bee Sanctuary
-Have a few different proposals for animal and bee sanctuary proposals as a charity initiative with the honeypot
-Originally thought of a larger donation but will propose a smaller donation that is realistic for our honeypot

:honey_pot: Companions
-In the works of Bees, and they will have less traits than the bears
-For new “traits of the bears”, this will all be voted upon by the community and contribute what traits they would desire. This is all of course if it passes by the DAO and then will be worked on further

:tshirt: BBH Store and Goods
-One of the large investors of Herb are interested in creating a specialty brand within their line of products and will have special BBH weed merch
-We have found a replacement of A large defi manufacturer of clothing and wants to work with us to create our clothing drops. We will be the first NFT project that they will work with if all things go well

:money_mouth_face: Retroactive Payment
-Setting up a program of paying our community members that have gone out of their way to produce and contribute to the community
-The work will have to be done first and then retroactively approved by a treasury committee that we will set up
-Tasks that could be included in compensation are community building, business development, marketing connections, etc.
-Potential bounty program - would love thoughts on this in the comments

As always, please leave any questions, comments, concerns below and always open to DM’s. Our next Townhall will be after the bear meetup! Happening 10/23 from 9AM-10AM PST / 4PM-5PM GMT. See ya crazy bears in the hideout.



Thanks for the summary! Need to look into commonwealth a bit but excited about all the initiatives!

Was not able to attend this meeting but what exciting initiatives! Thank you so much for getting this typed out so quickly as well.

All this sounds great. Thanks so much for putting this together. Sorry I missed the TH. :confused:

Would love to get Commonwealth going as soon as possible.

Sounds exciting, sorry was unable to attend. What do you mean by bounty exactly, keen to understand more. Buzzed Bear DK organiser an awesome bounty initiative in another group FYI.