7.27 Governance Sync - Meeting Recap

Hello Buzzers!

This is a recap post of our meeting on 7.27.2021 from 2-3:30PM PST. These are updates and confirmed actions that we are considering and/or taking moving forward on the proposals mentioned below.

:hammer_and_pick: Impression Mining

  • Twitter post to say that Impression mining is Live

:gift: Goodies Store

  • We want to do something with each Buzzers - must be an owner of a bear in order to purchase from a store
  • Represent each Buzz in our Buzzers Store - caffeine buzz for coffee swag, cork screw for wine,
  • Limited selection and quantities of the swag - driving up the prices
  • Swag should match the amount of holders so that there is always scarcity
  • Clothing line is more long-term as it takes more time, we want high-quality items
  • @DefiJesus has a shortlist of collabs to reach out to for clothing merch
  • Sourcing has commenced with @DefiJesus in Portugal to find the appropriate

:tshirt: Clothing line

  • Only allow bears to buy
  • Potential free swag or gift with purchase of the store
  • The money coming in will be explained in a transparent way
  • When purchasing the swag, a % of profits will go back to the DAO
  • Any bear owner can create their own code of how to purchase and make sure that it is secure for potential external customers
  • Considering a subscription box and all paid in ETH

:paintbrush: Graffiti Wall

  • Two bears on the wall
  • Will have multiple graffiti in different parts of the world
  • Open submissions for proposals to paint a bear and funded by the DAO for any graffiti artist
  • Potential of working and paying local artists to paint bears in different locations across the globe

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Analytics Dashboard

  • Analytics surrounding how we function as a DAO to bring transparency to the DAO to check the health status of the DAO - revenue, holders, treasury balance for new proposals, etc.
  • An eye-opener to help us make decisions


  • Much more to come soon on this :wink: :honeybee:

Please comment more on each proposal for further engagement and input on the projects.

We will likely be hosting these governance chats biweekly to stay updated - the next one will be 8/10. Thanks, and we’ll talk soon! :smiley: