9.09 Governance Sync - Meeting Recap

Hello Buzzers!

This is a recap post of our townhall on 9.09.2021 from 9-10AM PST. These are updates and confirmed actions that we are considering and/or taking and moving forward.

:smiley: Committees:

  • Big shoutout to @Halstead @aBinaryMind @drmsxmchns.eth @n00bleLAND & TheTrey93 for putting this together!!!
  • Please take a look through the proposal and comment here: The First Brick 🧱 . .
  • Ultimate goal is to have committees formed by several groups within the community to move forward initiatives in tandem with founding team efforts
  • Will have 6 month terms that are nominated, volunteered, and elected to keep accountability
  • More than likely to create a governance committee to keep everything in check and accountable for actions
  • Consistent onboarding for new members to be able to educate and informed for future engagement and forming of the committees

:white_check_mark: Founding Team updates:

  • One month since sell out on 8/10 :slight_smile:
  • Bottle necked on certain processes since we did not expect sell out so quickly and scrambled to get organized for all the new members
  • Working on better communication through the #weekly-update channel and overall comms to the community
  • Artwork is coming for companions with the bears and other surprises - the artists are working on this and will reveal more soon

:bar_chart: Investment Committee:

  • Founding team announced committee a bit prematurely which is why the updates seemed delayed as we were setting everything up
  • Have made the first few moves as updated on Twitter and more to come in the coming week
  • Will have an AMA w/ Tropo Farmer & Gfunk when the time is right and we have more moves made
  • We respect people’s personal and private lives and want the community to respect that while we are working on better communication, there are other factors at play that have nothing to do with BBH.
  • Learning moment for team & community : not everyone will agree upon moves made by the investment committee. As we build trust with the newer committees formed, this will be an ongoing adjustment to input from the community as well as curator and committee formed strategies.

:tshirt: Clothing Line & Goodies Store:

  • We are running into production issues in Portugal and thinking about moving operation and vendors in the U.S.
  • If anyone has connections or vendors they recommend . Dropshipping is an option but we cannot control the quality if we dropship.

:bear: Vault/Hibernation:

  • Looking to go live late September / early October, owned by @DefiJesus
  • Will have proper communication before going live and likely an AMA for everyone in the community to ask questions

:question: Sidebar conversations:

  • Would anyone be interested in Billboards?
  • Potential for a Brick and Mortar - need more buy-in from general public
  • Incentivized Voting - open to suggestions

Thank you and we will host the next townhall in 2 weeks. I will set a vote for the proper time for the best time that more people are able to be present in the meeting. Thanks for being patient and we are continually building by the day!



Sad to miss the townhall today but this recap is much appreciated. Looking forward to receiving updates on merch, vault, and the investment committee. Can’t wait to see what our community comes up with next. Great project. Great minds. Great community. Thanks everyone.