9.17 BBH Weekly Update

Hello Buzzers!

It’s been an interesting week for the community to say the least. We have had some interesting development and action this week of apeing into nft projects.

Before we dive in - our next townhall will be on Saturday 9/25 from 9AM-10AM PST / 4PM-5PM GMT in the voice channel. As always, bring ideas, concern, questions, and support for your fellow bears and DAO development.

:chess_pawn: Bearly Liquid - “Hedge Fund” Activity:

  • As part of the BIP-003 the community is allowed to use 10% of funds

  • Go to #buzzed-nft-shopping to catch up on community discussion of apeing into nft projects

  • Check out the wallet for the DAO here: https://opensea.io/BearlyLiquid

  • Use the …!.. , !nfts , !dgennfts , !scratch , command in the #general channel in the server to be able to see how the DAO’s community nfts are doing

:smiling_imp: Degen Discord Role:

  • This role is for verified bears
  • Tag @DefiJesus for access to role if you are seriously interested in getting involved with our “Bearlyliquid” “hedge fund” and being notified when quick decisions are being made

:writing_hand: Proposals:

  • BIP-003 & BIP-004 have passed by the DAO!
  • BBH DAO is the 28th largest hodler of $MVI
  • Hedge fund activity has moved forward with community buying from BIP-003

:sweat_drops: Leaks Channel:

  • Check the #leaks channel for verified bears to try out a suit to put over your bear created by @Mesk85
  • Companions are in early stages - will have updates in coming weeks

:white_check_mark: Marketing Committee:

  • Diana reaching out to bears to form a team
  • Will have a kick-off meeting in the coming week
  • Ideally to be the first committee that is passed by the DAO

:bear: Hibernation/Vault:

  • Project led by Defijesus and will launch in October

:question: Floating conversations:

  • Murals across the U.S. cities - need quotes and verified walls that we can paint on, if possible

As always, any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to comment on this thread or DM me directly on Discord. Thanks bears!



Thank you so much for this!

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I arrived toSao Paulo-Brazil 2 days ago and already started looking for big walls to paint some bears, today I’ve made my first call, trying to get a permit for that.
Meanwhile I can’t seem to get the idea of painting a bear at Venice beach out of my mind… LFG!


Dude, props, you’re making it happen for the community :raised_hands:

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Can you send me the link to the discord? I used the one on the main site but I can’t access it. It says its expired

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Thanks Diana appreciate all the developments.
Super excited for what the Vault will bring to the Buzzed Bears as well.

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Excellent updates! Really enjoy the Mural plans, marketing and providing extra value to bear owners is also very important.