Allow Sidetalker to mint 1 Buzzed Bear 420

Looking for a quick BIP here folks, hope my proposal meets friendly ears. I would like to bring Buzzed Bears to DCL first as a wearable but more importantly as in an game bear you take care of. Poor bear is after all buzzed. I would need about 4 Buzzed Bears worth of investment to secure the quad plot of land we will need to host our events in DCL. Proof of concept is live on STZ backed by $JAVA (PoT) which is tethered through proof of stake collection Punk Cash $APE (PoS) which is tethered to $ETH (PoW) which is a fucking fireball. My approach means nobody has to spend any gas! Currently prices are (converted to ETH network in USD but also valid on Polygon and Solana currently)

$JAVA $34.14 0.1ETH
$APE prime $341.40 1.0ETH
$APE burnt $0.00 0ETH
$APE mint $1.00 $0.0003ETH

Nothing needs to happen quickly here, it takes time to establish clout.

whats the goal. im confused. talk to me like im 12.

wearables are easy.

what is the rest?

I like the ideas. I would agree with @SQX10 however. I think some of us need to be babied a bit more here. It might help for you to follow the BIP template for proposals to help get your idea across.

Could consider alternative metaverses? I’ve just launched a collection of 10k metaverse land (

Very open ended on how it’s built out to integrate with each collection like Buzzed Bears

I see a bear on that metamaps but otherwise don’t understand it.

Perhaps we should continue this convo about metaverse in the DCL one that was started a while back to keep communication together.

Yeah. agree. I think htis is a wider metaverse strategy. and TBH. I think we are still very early there. MVI was a good first step. planting the flag…

DCL revolves around MANA. best bet to be for a DCL strategy would be to buy the MANA Dips on selloffs to .6 region.

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