BBH Clothing Brand - What should we make first?

Hey Buzzers,

I thought I would take the time to write out a vision for the BBH clothing line based off requests in the server as well to kick it off:

:lab_coat: Sweaters/Hoodies:

  • Sweaters that are similar to different Buzzed Bear furs
  • Minimalist Design : Logo placement on chest / arm?

:tophat: Hats:

  • Snapbacks / dad hats - is there a preference?
  • Logo focus + needs a color theme
  • Honeypot design

:socks: Socks:

  • Each sock line has a different buzz + color theme
  • Can have Furs theme + color theme

:tshirt: T-shirts:

  • Long sleeve t-shirts based off of Buzzed Bear furs
  • minimalist logo placement for short-sleeve t-shirts
  • T-shirts based off of the Buzzed Bears traits tshirts replacing pop-culture references w/ Buzzed Bears on them

:cyclone: Random:

  • Stickers of different BBH traits (masks, buzzes, honeypot)
  • Sunglasses?
  • Backpacks?

:bear: Custom Swag:

  • What do you all envision as custom swag? Would you want physical prints of your bears on said t-shirts, hoodies, etc.?
  • What are we missing from this list?
  • What base color preferences would people want w/ minimalist designs? (i.e. Black, blue, grey, white etc.)

These are very early-stage ideas - would love to know what else people would want to see! I will start a second thread of Buzzed Bears Goodie Shop which will have more of our buzzed goodies and knick knacks.

Comment below what your preferences would be for our clothing line! :smiley:



Love your outline, this brand seems perfect for street/everyday wear. Hoodies in the various bear furs is a homerun!

As for minimalist designs, I think the Honeypot is also perfectly positioned for:

  • small logos in the center or left side of the chest.
  • for dad hats (would work if you wanted to do hats in fur colors too)
  • stickers, phone cases, etc.

T-shirts having unique Bear logos on the back, similar to the brand “High Rollerz”. Limited edition shirts that go through a series of new traits and references would also add to community engagement.

Somewhat outside of clothing, I believe area rugs would be sick! Same thing for quality signs in both size and detail (neon and/or wood).

Base color ideas - black, white, sand, blue, pink, and neon green :wink:


hoodie season is fast approaching for all fall line fashions… would love to be rocking a buzzed bear in my city!!


i think high gloss photos are our bears would be cool or some dad hats would be pretty sweet too


I love the ideas so far and I really love hoodies personally. I love ones that I can throw on real quick that look cool and are subtle.

-A honey pot t-shirt with Ethereum bees (Eth crystals with wings)

-Some street wear type art with a street shot of a huge buzzed bear in an ally. Like the shot is from the road and is looking into an ally with just a freshly painted buzzed bear.

-A really animated one with a couple bears in a raft floating down crypto river one is fishing and one is smoking The other is just passed out.

-Some of the bears playing basketball

-T-shirt with a white buzzed bear face melting on a black t-shirt, almost stencil like.

The ideas are endless. If they are made with high quality and produced like 200 Limited pieces. I think it could really take off. It would also tie into the whole 1/1, 1/8000, 1/10k type NFT deal with collectables and just keeping everything fresh and new would be amazing along with quality people are proud of. T shirts and hoodies are awesome IMO.

Well that is my two cents. Included is a small little inspiration / mock up.



I love the ideas. These are sort of making me think that BB’s is a unique brand. If we are careful enough with marketing, we could position ourselves as the ‘chill’ brand in a space that moves quickly and chaotic. A really strong USP opportunity I think.


YES! This is a dope idea, and becoming the chill brand in this chaotic space, awesome…

I’d vote for hoodies and t-shirts too. If we can do hoodies in the Buzzed Bear fur colours, that would be incredible! But also in white with the big colourful bear art on the back, then a small bee or honeypot logo on the left/chest would really flyyy x


I love this brand and I think they would love our style


The idea of the fur being the color of the hoodies is cool af. But I want a beanie too.


I love the ideas, my personal top 3 would be ;hoody, fanny pack, unisex backpack, and the hat to match
. Stay buzzed yall


I like the idea of making limited pieces. I think it would be successful as it would bring scarcity to the brand. Look at the likes of Supreme, FullSend, BAPE. All really successful brands. Could do a collaboration with SteveWillDoIt. He is into BTC and crypto and is a supporter of cannabis. He also sells merch with cannabis on it


I like many of the idea’s outlined above.

Simple, branded items that aren’t overpowering would be perfect.

I do however, really like the idea of 2 merch lines:

  1. general public anyone can buy and support.
  2. Exclusive bear owner merch. This doesn’t need to be individualized for every bear, but if there was a line of merch that only bear owners could purchase by proof of ownership of something it really makes you feel like part of a club.

Just my 2 cents.


Awesome idea!! Maybe the image is different from one line to another. if there’s a patch on a backpack or an image on a shirt, maybe the general pop can access images of the Buzzed Bear logo, with different textures and colors for the other parts of the shirt or back pack. But the ones who are in the buzzed bear club, maybe the image is the actual image that is used for one of your bears. So if you see someone with the logo, you know they’re supporters. but if you see an actual bear, you know they are in and that is their bear. and inside the pattern for the rest of the shirt or bag you could put the numbers to the bear Example #857 in different fonts and styles.

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This is my horrible mock up of a 5 panel hat idea, I just love the mojo brain as a logo.


YOOO I actually love the colors. not so much the brain though haha. Maybe just a simple BBH.


I would love to see creams and tans for a color option. Sunglasses are an easy item. As are stickers, pins, and postcards. Icon-swapping BB’s for shirt and whatnot are a great tactic for the culture. Imagine a Newport cigs poster with a BB on it. (I have one with Son Goku like this, absolute swag)


Yas! Different clothing items with corresponding traits, so we can cosplay our bears with streetwear! Fire!