BBH Clothing Brand

TL;DR - The founding team will design, source and sell BBH merch and distribute all the revenue back to the Honeypot

We believe our own clothing brand can turn into a major revenue source of our community. We all want to rep our beloved community when we go out to party.

We post a poll of a number of different designs and let the community vote on the first item that should be put up to sale. This first experiment will allow us to learn, improve from feedback and start a better second version.
Some of the founding team members already have some previous experience designing and sourcing manufacturers for clothing items.

100% profits made from this initiative will revert back to the Honeypot. (This is one of of the many revenue generating we got planned out).

% of sold bears needed to activate this initiative: 5%

Costs to the Honeypot: 0$

Next Steps

  • Discuss if Bear holders get a 100% discount code and only pay shipping + import taxes? These costs should be supported by the Honeypot.
  • Propose and vote on a couple of designs and prices
  • Source samples from different factories
  • Setup online store

[EDIT: forgot to add some details]


Sounds super cool! Regarding the discounts for bear holders, maybe it would be possible to somehow (in addition to the “normal” clothing line) also offer personalized merchandise. Like e.g. you could buy a hoodie with your bear on it.

This should be fairly easy to implement with on-demand print services.


This is something we definitely want to do, although we have to be carefull with the quality of the printing. We don’t want to sell low quality merch.


customization is def the future

i would love to do a generic Buzzed Bear clothing line, but only bear holders can have the custom swag


If I can ask, is this going to be a fulfillment service (no upfront cost) or another method (with upfront cost from the Honeypot?)

I suggest the first order of business after launch is developing guidelines for quorum, voting, and use-of-funds.

Such guidelines are critical, IMO.

I believe the closer Buzzed Bears operates to an DAO (and progresses towards it in time) the better the long-term prospects.

Shouldn’t the percentage needed to activate a proposal be voted on by members, and then codified for future proposals?

What if 5% vote yes but 6% oppose the vote? A tie? Shouldn’t there be a quorum requirement?

If executed well I think a clothing line is not a bad idea, but given how saturated the market is I’d love to hear more from a business strategy perspective.

I hope I’m not overstepping here.


I love this so much, specifically sweatshirt with the melted smiley all over it.

I need this purple/pink fur as a sweatshirt, right now.