BBH Goodies Online Store

TL;DR - Creation of the Buzzed Bear Goodies Shop selling your favourite buzzed accessories. Grinders, papers, bongs, weed trays, mugs, you name it, we got it.

This initiative perfectly aligns with our branding and can become a major source in revenue for the BBH DAO.

We are not experts in sourcing and selling these type of items so this is the perfect opportunity to find people inside/outside our community that can be paid to lead this project. If you know anyone that can help set this up properly PLEASE reach out.

All profits from this initiative will revert back to the Honeypot.

Costs to the Honeypot: Still unknown. For now lets figure out if this is something the community wants to do.

Next steps

  • Source expert within the broader community
  • Design and vote on some designs
  • Source and order some samples from factories
  • Create online store

I can design the shop. Let’s build this out.

I have reached out to my brother in MJ consulting to see if he or his partners have any connects. I also have a friend who owns a packaging biz (also tried to build out a brand early for MJ … too early though and washed it as a loss) I am going to ask them about suppliers. they were more vape however.

Grinders / Rolling Trays / Papers / Merch, but with what logo? / What else?

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