BBH Revenue Priorities: Sentiment Check

Hey Bears,
In the discord there has been plenty of disagreement about the best way to approach honeypot revenue generation moving forward. I’d like this forum to serve as a more formal way to hash out bear disagreements and gain some insight about bear sentiment.

Define values. What is our long term vision for revenue generation? Are bears primarily a for profit organization? Charitable? Revenue from off chain or on chain? All of this needs to be dealt with and sentiment felt out before we throw proposals on the board.

  • Priority: On chain profit generation (NFT trading, Metaverse investments, etc.)
  • Priority: Off chain profit generation (merch, brand, etc)
  • Some combination

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Merch is being done by dev team and unrelated to DAO/Honeypot spend.

On-chain let’s things remain more decentralized and auditable by the community, FWIW

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