Buzzed Bears for Climate Action

As BEARS, we always need to challenge corporations and governments to treat impacted communities and the environment with respect, and love. I propose an ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMITTEE, to allocate funds to Climate Action orgs. who are at the forefront of the fight. I’d love to hear your thoughts and how we can move forward, if you’re with me.


Wow yeahh es_Be! I love this idea and it’s VITAL stuff!

This, along with the other idea of supporting charities helping medical needs, I feel a strong social activism contingent brewing :fist:

There’s actually much here that could be done with very little DAO funding too, and it really could be cool to form a group of bears that feel passionately about this stuff, share ideas and see where it goes…

We could share information about climate and environmental organisations, specific issues, locations of protests and activism activities, and also writing some strongly worded letters to our government representatives about specific issues and environmental conservation efforts…

Maybe a discord thread to post this content to and get people talking? Or else here is as good as anywhere to get a conversation going and share resources.

Much love x


Love this! Conservation and climate action efforts are great causes and significantly impact wildlife. Definitely interested in this.


This is great. I actually think that this could be tied in with the Bee colony/Cannabis farm topic we discussed the other night. When we drop that proposal we’ll be sure to link it to this one. I think a lot of these proposals have some great links with each other that might benefit them to consider together.


Definitely in for the preservation of bears and bee colonies considering our community :slight_smile:


Love this and how the Bears can be seen to be up for a good time while maintaining a strong social conscience. It’s a nice dovetail too as there are several species of bears that are vulnerable to extinction; the most notable from a climate standpoint, I suppose, are polar bears.


100%. It would help to be more active on twitter about issues we’re passionate about, and even put some funds behind it. Looking forward to seeing how this proposal develops, also happy to help write something a little more formal.


I’m so glad you guys are feeling this, yes I will definitely write up a new proposal according to the new BIP standard and incorporate some other things we discussed.


Super behind you on this one :bear:

Let me know if you’d like some eyes to help with the proposal. I’d be happy to have a read through and contribute where I can.

I also think @Halstead 's idea of somehow bringing in the buzzed bees idea and supporting that proposal through this one, would be great to combine forces, perhaps bring some unity behind a final vote too :wink:

I would vote against this short term but would support it long term.

Ultimately, our ability to effect change is dependent on how successful our ability is to grow the treasury and get traction with the project and accrue more revenue through secondary sales. I believe we should only engage directives short term help us to reach that objective.

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Completely agree, some of these proposals were written with dreamer eyes and a small community of 200 or so, then we had our glow up. This proposal will be re-written according to new BIP standards after some short term revenue goals are reached.

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Yes, I totally agree and understand the need to grow the treasury and have it be sustainable. However, I think some of these proposals can be started up with no cost to the honeypot.

Using the bears to raise awareness of climate and environmental initiatives, bringing visibility or raising issues, is something we can do regardless of treasury growth :bear: :hearts: :earth_africa:


I completely agree. We can define our long term principals at any time. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to explore our long term goals in the meantime as long as we acknowledge they are long term.

We have to first succeed initially to bring success elsewhere.

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