Buzzed Bears for Legalisation

I was just doing some writing for our plans to promote BB’s to non-NFT holders in the 420 community. I realised that a great way to draw support for the community would be to show support for others.

If we could agree on a % value of our secondary sales to go to charities and movements that support the legalisation of drugs across the world then I think this is really good PR for us.

This has the potential to be a strong bargaining chip for future collaborations and celebrity endorsements such as the Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell suggestion. When you think about it, there are tonnes of pro-drug celebrities that would be on-board with this. We know that Mike Tyson is active in the space.

The challenge from here is deciding which countries and organisations would benefit most from our donations but would also give us good PR reach. (The more PR, the more we sell, the more we give). Once this has been decided on we can decide on the %'s to give and how we will give it. To avoid liquidity issues in the ‘Honeypot’ we should probably set aside a percentage of secondary sales to give each month. Rather than a portion of the honeypot directly.

Please get involved in the thread and put some suggestions out there for % values you’d like to see given, the organisations you’d like to see it given to and celebrities you think would be effective to target for collaboration and endorsement.


This is amazing, I’m so proud to be apart of this.

3% of Sales with a total of 15% to 5 Different organizations

My organization of choice is: TheraPsil
TheraPsil is a non-profit coalition dedicated to helping Canadians in medical need access legal, psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to treat end-of-life distress.

Seth Rogen is my pick, a Canadian treasure, stoner icon, and looks like a bear.


It’s perfect! A beautiful suggestion… I agree somewhere around 10-15% secondary sales going to a charities supporting medical needs, would be amazing.

I am not closely familiar with charities doing this work, however I know there are efforts to help Epilepsy sufferers obtain cannabis treatments in countries where it’s illegal. Perhaps look into Sapphire Medical Foundation…?

I second Seth Rogen!! Totally up his street x


Seth rogan would be ideal!! Such a great idea, proud yo be on this team with such great thinkers…bless


Luv it!!
Seth Rogan does look like a mf bear ahah
And that organisation seems amazing!

We should donate not only to cannabis, but to other drugs such as AA, to distribution of clean seringes,…

We might even use buzzedbears has characters on a crack prevention commercial. Maybe hire a 3D artist to make the bears super mega hyper fly (I’ve seen it being done with apes) and spread it until it gets the midia’s attention

Just writing what’s up in my mind

Awesome work team!


Great ideas. From a marketing perspective, donating to charities like these mentioned would be great because it makes us more than a bunch of drug fanatics wanting free-use. We are advocating for the good they do in medical and psychological terms. I’m here all day for these causes.


Awesome JJH, and I agree. We are distinguished bears!

Perhaps we could have a linked list or something that any bear can suggest a good charity and we can all look through them… Use the collective intelligence, and I’d be interested to know about them all too. Then after some months of secondary sales / after sellout we do a DAO vote to approve it, and also to select the first recipients?

Where would be good place to start a list so that any bear can write/suggest charity names?


I wholeheartedly endorse this proposal. I have been an advocate for cannabis legalisation in my area (Oz) for years, since my wife was diagnosed with cancer.

I would love to see some $ going toward charities that raise awareness and reduce the stigma of cannabis where it is illegal.

Seth Rogen would be a DREAM get, can’t wait to see where this goes <3


Some Great Pro Substance, Cognitive Liberty and Research Organizations are


-Psychedelic Today


I’d be down to help set up regular chats w/ thought leaders in the space.


-Support Resources - Zendo Project

There’s many more really amazing projects advocating for rights and awareness.

(sorry there’s three posts - it says new users can only put 2 links in a post.)


Great work, lots of amazing projects here.


Love this mesk!! I’m highly active in street outreach for homeless and at risk adolescents, I also do work with neeele exchanges, feel free to reach out if this is one of the avenues we venture forward on…


I would vote against this short term but would support it long term.

Ultimately, our ability to effect change is dependent on having the available resources through treasury growth and traction on the project. I believe we should only engage directives short term help us to reach that objective.


Don’t worry this was never a short-term vision. We need leverage and influence to use it in collaborations and steady income to donate. So I would agree, medium to long-term!c :+1:

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100% agree.

Maybe we should identify our core principals and ultimate goals as a community and bring some definition. Of course this is fluid and may change over time but it wouldn’t be a bad idea as a community to agree on what we stand for.

Great comments. Thanks guys. Love it.


i love this idea. is this an actual official proposal or still in the discussion phase. i would be FOR something like this.

Still in the discussion phase for now I think. Would love to hear from some more people about what organisation they would like to see the Buzzed Bears work with.

Here’s an idea how we could do this without spending much initially. Rather than make a direct donation of our capital we fund our artists and/or fund a collaboration with our artists and other artists and the proceeds go to the desired cause.

This is much less expensive and would be positive towards our marketing as well as fundraising and raising awareness at the same time … with a more reasonable initial investment.


Guys! This is exxacccttllyy why I have come to the party.

I have come to the buzzed bears as someone who is involved in research in the healing properties of psychedelics. I have wanted to get involved in something that would not only raise the profile of the insanity that is “the war on drugs”, but also highlight the healing aspects (good excuse for a banterous twitter handle! :joy_cat: @buzzedonBDNF)

There are a few questions I have -
What are some of the values of the community in regards to this?
The current cannabis and psychedelic space has become laden with VC/corporation speculation, and on going public listings etc etc.

One of the angles I am really keen to look into is the combination of psychedelic healing and decentralization / community empowerment / organisation - are there groups and communities using blockchain tech and DAO’s to increase accessibility health and safety RATHER than shareholder profit.

What does the community care about -
Is it mental health? Is it spiritual health? Is it Cognitive liberty?

Other aspects of the conversation are around indigenous reciprocity (

Some key people who might be fun to target if we do get into supporting - @triteanderivative has highlighted MAPS - but Tim Ferris has been a major major supporter of psychedelic healing.

Keen to buzz on this a whole lot more