Celebrate Halloween - Reward Loyalty & Bring In New Members

Status: Draft Proposal Author(s): CryptoChicca

Discussions-to: Refer ‘buzzers’ in discord, and type comments below.

Created: 3 October 2021

Requires (optional): BIP TBC

Implementation (optional): Commence 8 October 2021 if passes BIP. Proposal to be discussed here for 48 hours, then proceed to BIP vote if supported. ‌

Buzzed Summary

Let us get our pumpkins out and celebrate Halloween! This draft proposal is made to reward the loyalty of Buzzed Bear holders and promote new growth into the Buzzed Bears Hideout.

Abstract ‌

This proposal will:

  1. Purchase 2 floor bears for giveaway / promotion in the lead up and on Halloween (approx cost .08 Eth inc gas costs)

  2. Purchase 10 floor bears for raffle to Buzzed Bear holders (approx cost .4 Eth inc gas costs)

  3. Purchase 10 derivative art from SAURFENG for raffle to Buzzed Bear holders (approx cost .5 Eth)

  4. Create Halloween theme art to overlay on Buzzed Bears using bot technology (similar to the suitmybear scenario) (minimal cost for bot, art free, thank you mesk85!)

Vote below – I want you to read the whole document :wink:

Motivation ‌

There has been recent FUD that nothing is happening in the Buzzed Bear Hideout, so let us turn that perception around and protect our investment, and reward our loyal holders. Perception is everything, and this kind of talk can be brand destroying, especially when we know it is untrue.

We should seek to both promote the Buzzed Bear Hideout brand while we are working to implement the investment committee outcomes. Also, the more Buzzed Bear owners we have, the greater ability for people to help and spread the resource load, and the greater the decentralisation and fairness in proposals.

Purchasing floor bears, will enable us to reward long term holders, and also provide a couple of giveaways to the public to bring more bear owners into the hideout. Purchasing art from SAURFENG is rewarding one of our own, and providing something unique to Buzzed Bear holders to keep. Building this around Halloween, enables us to promote bears as a brand, draw in new membership to our discord and show people what Buzzed Bears are about.

Specification ‌ Overview ‌

This proposal will be implemented as follows:

  1. 1 x floor bear giveaway on twitter to announce the launch of the Halloween campaign, approx 8 October 2021

  2. 1 x floor bear giveaway on twitter on Halloween – 31 October 2021

  3. Halloween Package raffle (1 x floor bear and 1 x derivative) to be raffled off with a raffle bot every two days in the lead up to Halloween. All bear holders that are verified in discord prior to the end of the raffle are eligible to enter and win this package. This encourages people to not only join the giveaway in item 1, but also to buy a bear and register in discord to be eligible for further raffles in this point. Proposed to commence 10 October and run every second day until Halloween. A bear holder may only win once, otherwise, reroll. This is about rewarding loyalty. These giveaways should be also promoted on twitter to encourage more bears into the hideout.

  4. Art to be developed with a Halloween theme by Mesk85, so that it can be overlayed onto each Buzzed Bear. Alex Panda to work up the bot to enable this to occur. No cost for art. Cost for bot work minimal. This is giving something back to each bear, and also enabling bears to spread their Halloween spirit all over twitter and promote growth into the hideout. There will be a word, something like !getspooky which will transform their current bear into a Halloween special surprise. We should get these out and about in the twitter space.

Rationale ‌

The reasons for this proposal are :

  1. Rewarding loyalty
  2. Celebrating Halloween
  3. Promoting the Buzzed Bear Hideout name
  4. Reducing FUD through perceived inactivity
  5. Raising the floor through getting the Buzzed Bear name out there and promoting wonder and excitement about the brand through the Halloween period and people purchasing bears to get into the Buzzed Bear Hideout community and ongoing raffles.
  6. More growth means more revenue for Buzzed Bears because each sale provides a 5% royalty return to the honey pot.

Consideration has been given to the views expressed by some about not purchasing floor bears as they may end up back on the floor, however, I believe the other benefits outweigh this concern, and a proposal of this type has yet to be tested and could do very well. Buzzed Bear Hideout is a great group, and those that receive a bear through this will be very encouraged to hold it for implementation of hibernation in coming month(s). We achieve nothing by trying nothing, so this proposal is multifaceted to target the many areas that I have heard commented in general/buzzers. It is a test case to determine its effectiveness to generate organic growth during and beyond this promotion period.

The options to do nothing, or separate the above into single components have been considered, but they will not meet the benefits to be delivered by this proposal as a package deal. Individually, they only tick some boxes.

Technical Specification ‌

(optional) We register the derivatives as a special buzzed bear Halloween collection, which are also available to trade on the open market. They would not form a vote in the DAO, but this is a nice acknowledgement to recipients and artist.

Test Cases ‌

I have seen very successful promotions with Wicked Bone Club. They went through a period where their floor was low, and they had FUD after a change in direction of token distribution. They listened to the community and created excitement through promotion and new initiative and the brand has substantially increased in value, benefiting all holders.


Do you support the Buzzed Bear Hideout Halloween Proposal progressing to BIP vote?
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Any comments, queries or questions below please.

Copyright ‌

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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Definitely a yes from me :+1: well done @CryptoChicca :clap::clap::clap:

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Art is done and sent to Young, let’s wait for him to program the bot.
about buying floor bears, the team still has plenty for the giveaways and raffles, no need to dip the honeypot
not sure if I agree with 10 raffles, think 5 would be pretty sweet.

thank you CryptoChicca, great work and spirit!
waiting to hear more opinions and LMFG!


I like the sentiment but buying floor bears is not sustainable in the long run. Don’t we already have a bunch of bears hanging back?

How many bears does the Honey Pot have?

Yes good question. And should these be listed in the NFTs as ‘investments’? @Mesk85 can you please clarify this question. Thanks

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Well, the honeypot doesn’t have any bears. First 100 bears were reserved by the founding team and are in @DefiJesus’s wallet, the ones that aren’t were giveaways on twitter or discord.
That said, the team surely doesn’t mind to donate bears to the DAO so that we don’t need to dip in the honeypot to buy bears for this

Okay, thanks @Mesk85! Given we had some good traction with the Halloween art, why don’t we reduce to 6 bears plus 5 derivs ., 1 bear to announce the launch with it being drawn for public giveaway on Twitter on halloeeen to anyone who enters on Twitter and then 5 bear plus deriv combos for bear holders. So same proposal as above that got vote support just bit less. That way we launch ASAP after successful vote (if passed) and timings of the raffle in house would be every 3-4 days with raffle bot so bears come into the discord to enter. If founding team happy to provide 6 bears? @DefiJesus can you please provide a BIP so I can put it in that system so bears can vote. Thanks