Collaboration question

Status: Idea
Author: blake
Created: 08/27/2021

Buzzed Summary:

The goal from this proposal is to expand the Buzzed Bears reach and make establish a positive collaboration with another likeminded project


Art Stars Club have a really great feature that allows you to edit their NFT with one of your own. Some of their rarer characters hold an iPad or a have a blank background where you can paste an NFT in from your own wallet(NFT won’t dissapear from your wallet after integration).

If you didn’t manage to mint a blank iPad and instead acquire it on secondary, you can only insert NFTs from the collection that were integrated during the mint phase. BUT . . . I talked to their Devs, and they have said they can make a vote to insert our bears instead of the ‘poop’ NFT (where we can also vote and promote our idea easily).

Why Art Stars Club? They have expressed interest in the long-term development of their project and have tried to discourage quick flipping. This matches our motivation and gives us a shot at a collaboration with some longevity

N.B: If we don’t manage to get the opportunity to integrate(which is almost impossible) then we can simply offer to make a giveaway between our two projects. This would require some Bears to be put forward @DefiJesus @Mesk85 :slight_smile:


Spreading awareness and positive marketing for our DAO. Members of the community feel that more marketing and awareness is needed at this stage and the cost is low.


There is minimal risk and lots of upside if the project is successful.

Please indicate using the following poll if you are interested in pursuing this proposal:

  • Let’s do both giveaway and the insert-feature!
  • I would only like to see the giveaway between our projects
  • I support the idea of inserting BBH NFT using Art-Stars Club charachters only
  • I do not support that collaboration…

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Feel free to share your opinion below.
P.S. huge thanks to JJH aka @Halstead for creating that proposal!:kissing_heart:

I vote no. I don’t see the value. This project has no traction and hasn’t been able to mint their supply. However, even if they did, I don’t see shared direction or theme. This basically would purely benefit their project. Do we want to associate with a dead project?

I wish them the best but this isn’t a directive we should pursue.

I would suggest identifying other DAO based NFT projects to collaborate with. Each project can do a giveaway for the other project’s NFT to promote governance participation between projects and raise DAO awareness, maybe?

It’s not easy to sell out quick if u can get only 1 NFT per tnx and that’s what they got. Plus the fact that they didn’t sell out quick doesn’t mean that this project is garbage. Their NFT’s are the first on the market that can be editable, isn’t it cool?
Also i guess i just forgot to say that rn they are getting ready for marketing campaign. And what they have been doing before is just following their own roadmap. They are not in a hurry u know.
Feel sad for your vote since we literally lose nothing from that cooperation but we only get a cool feature of spreading our NFT’s through other project.

No value benefit for us.