Comic book series

What do u guys think about dropping comic book vibes for the buzzed bears.

Like drop different series it will help create the world for them this way.

Welcome Rambo! I think comic books are a cool addition in the way BOTB did them. I’m presuming that’s the sort of thing you’re talking about? We would need an input from the team/artists on this one because this isn’t really something the community can work on given that the art style is theirs.

Division of labour for them might be an issue at the moment with them working on the merchandise line etc @Mesk85 @Vitor I can’t tag Veshpa, seems she isn’t a user?

A comic series would be great even if a small like the newspaper comics. We can use it on Twitter an IG do “daily post” and keep an audience engaged. We would need a storyteller, there is none at our team!

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I’d love to help , I’m a creative director
And have a team of animators i work with for real life projects.

would u guys consider allocating some funds towards using some of the character designs to come up with a few funny comic type things.

the team can take care of the story telling and artwork while the Og team works on what they are currently working on. lmk your thoughts


Maybe developing characters would be the first step - then trying to get them included in other projects comics - GCG, PV, etc.

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I’m for this proposal. I think the artists would have to discuss their style with you on this one though. Maybe some mockups to see what the community thinks would be a good first start?