Contract Dayolatunji and ILusive sAm as Community Managers

Author(s): @FelFireFerret
Discussions-to: [Community Manager Channel (Discord) and comments below] Created: [16/05/2022]
Implementation (immediate): [Added if BIP passes]

Buzzed Summary
After a process of selection and the need to implement some structure, two of the candidates have been presented to BBH, and one of them is already working as a MOD in Discord.
By having two persons in charge, we can cover two different time-zones, and will have a broader perspective in the management of the BBH Community.

Since March 15th we’ve had several candidates to the CM position. According to what @CryptoChicca and @Hacktivist.eth said previously, after interviewing all the candidates, these two were the most prominent among all.
ILusive Sam is already working with BBH for a while, and Dayolatunji was the one being suggested on May 1st.
On the last voice-meeting on April 13th (available at General meeting 2022-05-13 - YouTube) this topic was addressed and the candidates presented themselves.
Their views and opinions may be consulted by persons that weren’t attending, and these persons are still on our discord server, available to address any questions about their skills and plans.
The candidates shall keep up with tasks presented next paragraph, and the option currently is to have Dayolatunji as a community lead and iLusive sAm as operational lead, synergizing efforts when necessary. The tasks shall be fulfilled but are not exclusive, being the following list a reference for discussion before the BIP.

Lead bears within discord
Social engager and communicator within discord
Communicator through other BBH outlets

iLusive sAm:
Organizing discord and community events
Check ins with honeypot manager and help communication with bears
Lead for giveaways
Sharing information across all teams

Support moderators,active team and project teams to achieve goals
And such other tasks as may be needed as community manager

The suggested payment as of present day is 1200 US dollars monthly to each, payed in ETH.

From several months now, there is a community sentiment regarding the lack of an official Community Manager.
The process was initiated and it’s imperative that BBH keeps their commitments fulfilled.

Specification Overview
The appointment can be effective immediately after the correspondent BIP is approved.
Current moderators and founders shall help the appointees on eventual early difficulties navigating our microclimate, and also assist providing any info necessary to fulfil their roles/tasks.

Keeping up, in an effective way, with the tasks pointed in Abstract, has proved to be very difficult with current human resources available. The appointment of these two persons can improve internal communication and organization.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


1200 total or 1200 per (2400). This is significant expense that will bleed honeypot over time without any viable revenue generating plans.

Sorry, I was not clear on that. Keeping up with two timezones, it would be a full-time job for both, being a total cost of 2400.
Thank you for pointing it out, will be clarified it it moves to BIP.
Also, I think we are taking heavier costs by not being effective.

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These are excellent candidates for a position that has been needed for a long time.

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this is per month? the 1200 UD per person?

what do they have to do to make earn this money? ie … so we dont have another Diana.

back to DAI. as costs mount in USD terms we need t right size our USD expense portfolio. I stand in favor of this … would prefer most of payout be in bears… ie essentially vested and value is based on the execution of the bears as a whole, but understand why the otherside may not want.

a graduated payment schedule makes more sense and a renew of voting each month on necessity. ala a no confidence vote.

how do we fire them if they are not performing?

4 example: 1st month 5 bears and 400 bucks.
month 2 3 bears and 700
month 3 1 bear and 1k .

I totally made all those up, but …

There is a list of tasks for reference in abstract. If someone wants to put something more specific, we can adapt the final BIP. But for 12h a day, it doesn’t seem much imo.

I disagree with the bears payment, since they applied to a monthly wager role. I don’t want to change the terms midway without their approval. ie they agreed to work together, but were consulted first.
To fire them, we just needed to put a proposal up, as in everything.
In worst case scenario, as verified recently, we have ways to nuke important passwords, still.

Honeypot → Honeycomb

I’ve edited with your suggestions, clarifying that the payment is 1200 for each, and adapting semantics regarding team/active bears

Is that some sort of idiomatic expression, care to clarify please?

Am new in the family as a bear but am loving it. We can build the project together to it’s limitless potential and possibilities as a DAO + NFT + DEFi project.

Since many of the family doesn’t knows me well I would just like to introduce myself in short as possible.

irl life: DJ + Agripreneur+ Entrepreneur

irl education: Grads in English Literature + knowledge in IT (web2+web3)

Web#3 life: Trader + Buidler

Web#2 experiences:

Social Media Managing


Content Writing/Editing

WordPress sites creation/management/editing

Web#3 experiences:

Trading since 2016

Buidling in DEFi + NFT + space

Currently working with:

Panther Protocol (as a Community Ambassador), which is a Privacy + DEFi based token

DegenMetrics (a Research guild)

$ZUT (Zero Utility which is an informal DAO for the community project that was involved with DEFi + NFT tools)

$ZUZ (Zuz protocol which is working with ETH/Sol NFT tools)

Why BuzzedBears?

I love how the community is trying to strive amidst any problems.

And yeah am interested in how the project blends the aspect of NFT and DAO with DEFi to create its own ecosystem.

That was the reason as to why i volunteered as a discord mod in the project for free.

What can I provide:

I am not a dev but I can connect with the people and the community and since i have been in the space for quite a long time I know the inside out of the industry and how it is developing on a per day basis.

Yeah I keep a tab and track to all the recent trends and developments as well, so i do know how and what’s happening in the space, which in turn helps in educating and managing the community as a whole.

I have the requisite soft skills in communication

So yeah, I can be a good Community Manager.

Current interest: I am interested in learning Solidity + Rust. So would be learning them in the days to come, little by little.

Ever helped a Community in a critical time?

Yes i did helped. I was the discord mod in an early $YFI clone called ‘Asuka Finance’.

It started fine like all the projects at that time but we soon got to know that the owner was trying to rug the balancer pools. The owner did executed the rug but it wasn’t successful because of us moderators.

Me with the other moderators made public that the balancer pools was on attack and told the community as to how to unstake their pools from the etherscan (since the frontend wasn’t active)

A lot of money was saved. Thus helping the community at the right time.

That’s all of me. I think the family will have a gist of me now :blush: