Dissolve IC and Create Automated Crypto Trading Investment with Unlisted.io

Dissolve Investment Committee and Create Automated Crypto Trading Investment with Unlisted.io

Status: Draft Proposal Author(s): CryptoChicca

Created: 23 December 2021

Discussions-to: Comment below please and refer to previous proposal for background Vary Investment Strategy - dissolve investment committee and fund crypto committee

Implementation (optional): As soon as practicable following successful vote and addressing specification requirements.

Buzzed Summary

To dissolve the investment committee and utilise those funds (circa 15 Eth) in an automated crypto trading account to build our honeypot wealth. The account would be registered in BBH name in Kraken and trades would be executed by Unlisted.io on our behalf, but the money stays in our control, so it’s increasing our Eth bags passively.

Abstract ‌

Since the implementation of BIP-003, Bears have been making good headway with various committees, enacting the ethos of what was intended in the investment strategy.

The Investment Committee has been an underperformer, and Bears through previous votes have supported the dissolution of that committee however, it has not moved to a BIP as the question of what to do with the remaining circa 15 Eth has been tossed around in the hideout with various proposals without firm resolution.

There has been interest in crypto in the hideout, but clear feedback that we do not have the expertise or time to manage this ourselves on a daily basis. Bears prefer set and forget, or to have their money working smartly for them.

This proposal is therefore to invest the circa 15 Eth that is remaining in the Investment Committee in a Kraken account in BBH name, and purchase an Unlisted.io account, and have unlisted do the trading on our behalf.

Unlisted is created by the founder of Jaybird, Judd Armstrong. Judd Armstrong Founder of Jaybird This is his website if you wish to check him out. Also, Unlisted’s website is https://unlisted.io which has their backtested history and past performance. I have been a member for a year and considerably increased Eth holdings over this time. Their system is refined to a point that I am confident the trading system will increase Eth bags many times over especially during bear markets, where it will perform very well, as they trade long and short.

Judd is a multi-millionaire and does not need to work. He does this as his giving back. He is building this community for 1000 people and all he asks is that we do good with the graces that are provided by the wealth that is brought from this system. Basically he hopes that by giving to us, we will give to others by way of service. Literally, its our money, do with it as we like, but that is how he has built the community, basically to inspire people to think about how they may enrich the lives of others when they are financially free and able to do so. We can definitely do a lot of good in BBH through many avenues that have been highlighted in the mission statement and that are being worked on at present.

At a minimum, they have been doubling money every 6 months. The last 6 months Eth performance was 125% and Unlisted’s was 175%, so its tracking very well against Eth, and probably even more so now because Unlisted pulled us out of the trade at the top of Eth, and they entered near the bottom, so that percentage I quoted was from a few weeks ago and will be a lot more now. Unlisted trade only Eth and Btc, as they are decentralised, due to financial services requirements in some countries. They have developed many tools and indicators and provide a heap of ongoing commentary on trades and direction. I have actually learnt a massive amount from Judd, and he is OG crypto, having built this system out of the tribulations of the 2018/19 period. He also has a lot on mindset and a range of other matters that are super inspiring.

Specification ‌ Overview

  1. A Kraken account is required as that is the account that the Unlisted trading system can connect API with in order to execute the trades. This is free to establish.
  2. An Unlisted account is required. This is a $400USD fee at the moment, for life.
  3. Unlisted trades long and short, so setting up a Kraken account in a jurisdiction where this is supported is necessary. This can happen in Australia, but we are caught by high crypto tax, so I was thinking Portugal could be a good option.
  4. In addition to the once off commitment fee of $400USD, Unlisted charge 10% of any profit made. So if they execute a trade and make $4000, then we would pay $400.
  5. All trading is automated, so no one needs to press any buttons. Unlisted’s system pulls us in and out of trades automatically based on signals, which have recently been implemented with AI. Also, their system does a sweep the trading at the end of each trade, so that if anyone is in a trade they shouldn’t be, then it will get exited. So risk management is key.
  6. Unlisted have a priority door into kraken, so when the exchanges freeze, which we have all been witness to no doubt, during times of heavy usage in crash sells etc, Unlisted is able to execute trades without issue.
  7. So essentially, if we we have 15 Eth, and we double in 6 months, we have 30 Eth, and we have paid 3 Eth in fees, so we walk away 12 Eth better off.
  8. Unlisted use the power of compounding so they are doing trades sometimes daily, sometimes weekly or monthly, depending on market conditions, but all proceeds are put back into the trade to keep increasing wealth
  9. Invoices are sent each month, or 2 months, whatever the case may be, depending on the trade cycles.
  10. Not every trade wins, some are wins some are losses, that’s the nature of trading, but overall, they do very well, and as he says, its not the money you risk, its the money you keep that is important.
  11. There is never any guarantee of performance, as with everything, but I feel confident to recommend this product having lived through it the past 12 months and seen its evolution over that time.


I would like to expressly state that I have 3 trading accounts with Unlisted.io for various reasons and many of my friends and family have also joined. I get no benefit from referring anyone to Unlisted, other than the joy of hearing how well they are doing. This is not for my gain, but for the benefit of BBH why we would make this decision. So it is up to you all if we go ahead with this. I am just presenting the option and letting you know of this. They are up to almost 700 places, so there are 300 left. Judd wishes to make 1000 millionaires, that is his goal, so he’s limiting places, like I said, its not about the money for him, its about delivering something and keeping it small, so he and his small team can manage it. I am friends with someone who works for him, which is how I came to know about it.

Rationale ‌

The reasons for this proposal are:

  1. Growing the honeypot

  2. Providing and investment strategy option with risk management

Technical Specification ‌

To open a kraken account will require some form of entity. We will need some form of incorporation or foundation. I am adding this to the list to discuss with Fenwick lawyers, as this question will come up again and again when we are discussing entering into contracts for different services, so I will have an answer on this through that legal advice process. It is possible 100% its just a matter of technicality what is the best entity and structure for us, so I see this more as a creative enquiry than a deal breaker.

Test Cases ‌

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As I said above, I have accounts with them, as do many of my family and friends who are very happy.

Copyright ‌

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

This would be a great way to make up for the unrealized losses of the IC buys if it the trading bot works as well as you say. I would add that the investments they made so far should be moved into the nft community allocation to decide what to do with (net value as of 12/15 estimated at 8-12 eth). It sounds like this initiative would dissolve their allocation semi-evenly between defi/community, I’m in favor of exploring this option.

When I looked at the site these were my observations: The fund has been operational for less than one year. There’s only one six-month period to evaluate the success of the fund. The site says that the technique has been back-tested with data going back to 2014. If you back-test a strategy of just holding Eth since 2014 you would actually be much more successful.
When I discussed these reservations with CryptoChicca, she informed me that this strategy is actually most successful when the market is struggling.
Perhaps diversifying in this manner could be a hedge for our riskier investments.