Entering the Metaverse! (USE)

Hi Bears,

We have had a lot of great conversation in the Metaverse Discussion tab in discord, and now it is time to ask a series of questions to help guide proposal formation.

Before I send through a chart describing the different options of what we can buy, where we can buy it, how we can build it etc, and before we approach those questions, it is most important for us to define the ‘goal/purpose’. So, how will this virtual land be used? That question, will guide the rest of the questions.

There are many suggestions on how it can be used eg, social hideout, place for streaming AMAs/townhall, gallery for buzzed bears, gallery for bear holder art and links to sale websites, merch for clothing and supplies and links to sale websites, game, huts for individual bears (aka republic realm style). I’ve just captured a few of those suggestions have been mentioned.

What I am proposing now is for you to help guide whether we will use the land for socialisation or a combination of socialisation plus monetisation (we derive money from part of it also). Once this is determined, I will put forward the detail for that option, and then we can start voting on more details to help refine the information needed for the BIP.


Please add in the comment section below the types of ‘use’ that you would like to see this metaverse become if they have not already been mentioned.

How do you want to use the Metaverse?
  • I just want to be social
  • I want to be social but also have the option for monetary return

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i voted for monetary… cause of course i want that option! haha!!

but i am for now 95% interested in hangout ability to have town halls. chill. etc etc… no one knows where the metaverse is going to go, so having loose plans IMO is the best…

as everything down on the chain. its about time on the chain …focus on the fun and the $$ “should” eventually follow.


initial thoughts is a compound where there is a main town hall… and then every hive has a separate compound. for instance. NFT has the NFT’s on the wall. as well as specific discussion area with targets and prices tracking on a wall…

Defi section is like an old school stock house with prices ticking through.

Zed is a stable where we have our horses… with a portal to the ZED races…

and on and on and on…


I 100% agree with what you say and have loads of ideas how we can monetise. But…. I love love love the idea you put about the different areas related to the committees which links to the first brick….big :fire::fire::fire:


is anyone else concerned with the lack of adoption of decentraland? there was almost no one there when i checked it out a few weeks ago - i think its possible some other virtual world wins out.


Yeah I agree it’s been very quiet when I’ve been there and there is a lot of people buying but most of them are flippers and they put the same gallery of two and sell it as it requires 3D building skills. Sandbox anyone can build and most of the NFT brands are in there so imho much better for traffic transfer. DCL also has some challenges with useability due to graphics as it’s all web based. I’ll get a chart up in coming days for you all with some comparison and benefits across all but my feel is sandbox is much better for business and fun purpose. DCL has its place and I love it and it will pickup more when VR comes for sure but they are quite different products.


can’t agree or disagree really with what you’re saying overall, but also DCL has many servers. Unless you join for an event you’re not likely to see just a TON of people at once.

Personally I think that makes it more boring :confused: but yeah that’s a hard problem to solve from such a small studio

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Until graphics can be solved, DCL will be a gamers place. which means hi end. so maybe the apple. not sure if thats a good thing or not.

I lag with a semi beefed up trading computer.

all meta has some type of flag though. CV keeps building…

I keep coming back to NFT worlds. I htink the R/R is there to pick up a few worlds.

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Yeah I agree DCL has some limitations for average users. Sandbox however I can play on my 5-10 year old computer that the kids use. NFTWorlds could have potential for a long term investment if they confirm they will make a platform. At the moment you need to open the world in Minecraft edit and then save. If they decide to deliver a platform it will be great, so could be a potential one to grab some land for future speculative purposes. There will be plenty left over after purchase to be able to buy some of this and potentially some of the matrix. We can look at what’s left after getting our main hideout going and then look at what options everyone wanted to consider. I like this for future proofing.

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