Entering the Metaverse (WHAT / WHERE)

Hi Bears,

The consensus is that bears want to use land for socialisation and also monetisation. That may be mostly social first, with monetisation to come, but those two principles are the general consensus.

To try and keep things short and simple, I am going to refer people to the previous topic on USE via the link below for previous history, and then start a fresh chat around WHAT we will buy and WHERE we will buy it.
Entering the Metaverse! (USE) - Proposals - Buzzed Bears (buzzedbearhideout.com)

Many have asked what land we should get, how much we should get, where we should get it etc. I have done research and spoken to many and you’ll find a fair bit of discussion in the metaverse discussion in discord. Therefore, this is just a high level summary to give you some guidance so you can cast your vote. I would like to get your opinions and then take that to a BIP so that we can purchase the appropriate token before they rip, as BTC has moved, and so ALTS will move shortly. This will enable us to maximise our Eth during the eth rip, and capitalise on the other alt moves when eth distributes.

In short, there are a number of existing and new metaverse options. I’ll provide some quick summary below, but if you need more info let me know. Some I have excluded for now (like NetVRk, Matrix, NFTWorlds) as they are too new and not fit for purpose yet. They may be a good investment, and be great down the track, but having regard to the use bears are seeking now (social + monetisation), we need to stick with the majors. We can always revisit and change / expand down the track. So this is a proposal for now.

  1. CryptoVoxels - created a few years ago, not much uptake, pretty slow resale proposition, web based and basic graphics so no real lag, but not fantastic output. No real traffic for monetisation purposes.

  2. Webverse - new UI potential for the future same with distrikt but needs alot more uptake, no real presence yet.

  3. DCL - one of the first, and highest priced ones, but although live, not as much action. Uses web and high graphics so a bit of a challenge for some. Will bring in VR maybe dec21, so will be one of the leaders in time, especially if they fix the graphics issue. But really seamless and awesome to run and play if you have a good computer. Limited without apps. Cost is around $8-10k per 16x16 parcel up to $100-200k for the same size close to centre. You can get larger plots, but they far exceed our allocation, unless we are far from centre, and then we can only afford a few blocks. We need 3D builders for DCL which we have a bear who has offered, but there is less flexibility for bears with this option, given the current offering. All sold out so only secondary options. This could be potential for us to discuss a 1x1 in future if we want to showcase art, but I feel there would need to be more traffic and engagement with DCL, so would say lets not pursue right now.

  4. Sandbox is the biggest up and comer. It is substantially cheaper in price, and larger in land, with the ability to create for social like DCL but also extensive monetary options, more than DCL. Has PC, Mac at present with mobile options in the works. Currently apple version. Not live for interaction but expected Q1 2022. A launch in dec21 is being done for the large land holders. You can however play socials live now. Land is 1011 SAND to buy in new releases per 96x96 block. Generally in secondary the land 3x3 is around 15-30eth depending on location. I have had an offer for us to buy land lower down the map for cheaper, so there are deals to be made, however, I would suggest we try for a partnership option first, and then if we can’t secure that, we try for secondary sale. Partnership options at the moment cost 50,000 SAND and that is about $38k or 9.1eth at present. We need a 3x3 to have our PFP visible to others on the map. This is important for making money as it shows people our brand and tells them where we are. It is also important for down the track coz people buy near punks, kongz etc, and if we want to be the brand people buy near, we need to have this. Also, sandbox is open for anyone to build. It is user friendly, and we just drop the build onto the land. We can also have landvault build something exclusive for us if we want for around 3eth. There are lots more options and that is why 99% of brands are choosing the sandbox to take their NFTs to the metaverse. With the partnership proposal, they will also convert our NFT into a voxel with interoperability, which is what punks have done (check the link). So then we have 3D bears as skins we can use in the sandbox. We may not know the location of where we go, but they will promote us to the rest of the sandbox community and the land sells out in under a minute so it will be in hot demand whereever we are so this is also good marketing. The land is finite, so once all is sold out, then overtime, whereever we are located will go up. At the moment, the land is more premium close to where you port, or the upper section near kongz punks etc, however, there are a lot more brands like snoop dogg and walking dead that are and have come into the sandbox so the mix will spread and what may be higher in value now will change over time. We could buy larger, but I think a 3x3 will fulfil the needs of all the comments in the metaverse discussion, and is the minimum recommended for monetisation purposes.

Based on the chatter and what has been discussed in the metaverse discussion in discord, including review of the sandbox partnership proposal 2021 PREMIUM PARTNERS - PRESENTATION - Google Slides I will recommend as follows

  1. We buy land in the sandbox
  2. We buy a 3x3
  3. We try for a partnership proposal 3x3 (cost approx 50k SAND if successful)
  4. If unsuccessful, we buy a 3x3 on secondary (cost approx 15-20eth)
  5. We get some SAND and stake in the sandbox land
  6. We put options out to the bear community to see if they want to help build on the land. If we have no takers, we explore options for other builders like landvault. I am pretty confident though we will get takers to help with this.

Thoughts comments feedback below, otherwise please vote

Do you want to buy sandbox land for BBH to join the Metaverse (min 3x3)
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  • No

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If you like the sandbox, there are two options - partnership or buy ourselves. If you want to choose the location where we buy, then we need to buy secondary as the partnership option they choose the location and position us with another big launch. For example, snoop going in, whoever got near there got lucky. The second option of buying secondary is roughly $63-84k (15-20eth) for secondary versus partnership of 38k(9.1eth). So please vote which option

Do you want to buy via partnership or secondary market
  • I want to buy via partnership option
  • I want to buy via secondary market

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