Graffiti Bear in popular tourist destination in São Paulo, Brazil

Status: Draft Proposal Author(s): CryptoChicca

Created: 30 November 2021

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Implementation (optional): Immediate. ‌

Buzzed Summary

To paint a huge graffiti buzzed bear on a wall in Beco do Batman, a popular tourist destination in São Paulo.

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Abstract ‌

This proposal is to paint a huge graffiti buzzed bear in a popular tourist destination in São Paulo. It is proposed to paint bear #1, being the first bear token ID that anyone sees, given this landmark location.

A large wall nearby Beco do Batman (English: Batman’s Alley) is the nickname for the area around Rua Gonçalo Afonso and Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque in the Vila Madalena neighborhood of São Paulo. Beco do Batman is a popular tourist destination because of the dense concentration of graffiti that line the streets. It gets its heritage from when an artist painted the DC character Batman there in the 1980s and had a boom during the 2014 Fifa World Cup. It continues to receive a significant visitation from tourists due this to this prominence. The wall @Mesk85 is looking to paint is much bigger than inside the main attraction, but is in the same district and very nearby, so it would be a great position for bears.

The cost is approx $30k Reais, for the wall location, without the artists commission. This is approximately $5,500 usd, depending on fluctuation. @Mesk85 has offered to undertake the artwork and not charge, so that is a significant value to the honeypot, as it would cost way more for us to engage an artist, so it’s an amazing opportunity for bears, that we can market. There would be minimal cost to the honeypot for materials. I am estimating we allow 1.5-2 Ethereum for this proposal, as I believe it will bring significant attention to our brand. Knowing @Mesk85, he will land us down the lower end.

This proposal is for a retrospective refund to @Mesk85 for the cost of the wall and incidentals. @Mesk85 will be available a short time in São Paulo, so can do this work for us at no cost. Given the timeframe that it needs to happen straight away, @Mesk85 is going to pay for the wall and undertake the work out of his own pocket, but given how great this opportunity is for bears, I hope you will all support with me in giving @Mesk85 a refund for his costs in doing this for us, as it would cost us alot more money to outsource an artist to organise and do this work for us. This is not a unilateral decision, or the founding team making a decision, this is me just asking you all to support what I think is the right thing, hence why I am putting up the proposal. You can vote no, but I hope you will all see the bigger picture in the small outlay for great exposure for us as a brand long term.

Specification ‌ Overview ‌

  1. Purchase wall rights in Beco do Batman
  2. @Mesk85 purchase materials and paint the buzzed bear
  3. Honeypot to reimburse MESK85 for costs related to the work
  4. @Mesk85 to take photos and video (if possible) for marketing purposes

Rationale ‌

The reasons for this proposal are:

  1. Brand exposure externally - marketing
  2. Building brand internally - graffiti focus

Technical Specification ‌

  1. @Mesk85 to organise, purchase, paint and seek reimbursement

Test Cases ‌

Proven success of Buzzed Bears painted in Portugal and Vancouver

Copyright ‌

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

It will be at Vila Madalena’s district where Beco do Batman is located, not inside the actual tourist attraction but it’s a bigger wall.
thank you for trying to do this, I won’t use my share of votes on this one ahah call it conflict of interests :smiley:
be bear! :honeybee: :bear:

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Thanks @Mesk85 I’ll add that info to the BIP before it goes to snapshot vote