Huge Buzzed Bear Graffiti

TL;DR - We Graffiti a huge fucking wall with two lucky bears.


Mesk and Veshpa are both amazing graffiti artists and they have permission to paint this HUGE FUCKING WALL:


% of sold bears needed to activate: 15%

People can participate in a raffle and two lucky Bears will be picked to be painted side by side on this wall.

Costs to the Honeypot: 0$

Next steps

  • Figure out specific raffle rules and participation requirements
  • Wait for good weather to start painting

Okay now this is a cool idea!!

Minted NFT’s of the graffiti art would be fire.


Seeing the art represented in the real world really stirs up interest. This is a sick way to do that in my opinion. Combine pictures of the graffiti with the impression mining and it feels like a homerun to me.


I love this!!!

Can we have a poll of the surrounding art/ theme of the overall mural? That way the community can feel like they contributed to the mural even if it’s not their bear featured. Just a thought :slight_smile:


Another idea (not necessarily for this one). Art installations where there’s a giveaway for being the first person to claim an NFT from the installation would also be pretty cool.

Buzzed Bears could issue another NFT collection (without DAO membership) that is free/cheap to collect, and will direct people to the project. I’m sure it’s been down before but it can be a good form or advertising (especially if integrated into a greater strategy).


yoooo, this is so dope! coming from a graffiti artist myself, this will bring positive attention and feedback in that love to do some “street outreach” (lol) and get some stickers from the artist and put em up. i live and travel thru NY and Boston weekly…just an idea Also, what city is mural in? would love to watch


Awesome idea, would definately bring some attention to the project.
A big yes from me.


After the fact this would be an amazing spot to shoot some photos and use them for hoodies/t-shirts (or even have that be tied to some aspect of it as a giveaway or something). Love it!

I very much appreciate the TL;DR’s as well thank you.


or during with fellow bears there, for photo op to advertise, or for lack of a better term, “social media presence distribution”? if that makes sense. optics are good , ecspecially to see physical people show up, in my opinion is huge


Love this. What if one of them were to make a stencil and release it to the community? Then we could do giveaways to the daring for new places where the stencil showed up - community could vote on it each week. Something like that - not that I’m encouraging illegal graffiti but…


I absolutely love this proposal.

Would be sick to own a bear featured!


I’m recently joined… I’m really excited to what this Project will be!. I’m a serial Entrepreneur and I love seeing something special Early and this is one of those projects that give me that Feeling… I Just Bought 6 bears on the 2nd Market. =) Let’s Get it!!


most def want to take part in this


Hey! Is there any update on this plan?

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I have mad cans ready to go, and getting that itch to paint stencils are a dope idea.

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10000p00000p000000000000% I’m down w tha stencils. We can take initiative an game plan w mesk. Bo toys aloud. That being said this community drips with creativity and passion so I’m sure, whackness will be obsolete.

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My Christmas Sweater Sober Dad Bear is perfect for this. J/S :wink:

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