Human Resource Directory: Introduction + Skillset + Collaborative Ideas

I know most of our internal conversation is happening on Discord right now, but due to the fleeting nature of chat content disappearing from the public record, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread here.

Introduce yourself, share your skillset & experience, willingness to get involved, and any early-stage ideas for contributing to the DAO.

Let’s build a DAO where it’s easy to collaborate with our fellow Buzzed Bears.

If Buzzed Bears can effectively collaborate, we can promote our DAO and develop quality governance proposals which utilize our community to grow our community (and Honeypot :honey_pot:!)

This thread could be a good human resource directory for matching individual Buzzed Bear skillsets with each other.

Let’s work together to collectively leverage our individual talents and skillsets and build a culture of collaboration.


I’ll start. I go by @WeAllGonMakeIt on Twitter. I recognized the disruptive nature of DLT early, and now recognize I want to build in this space.

I consider myself a born entrepreneur, and have worked in website development, community building, internet marketing, and video/film production for the past ten years. Lots of solo business ventures (built a large online forum), small teams (online freelancing), and most recently working with a small video production company (film/creative/commercial).

Soft Skills:

  • Persuasive / Argumentative Writing
  • Business Plan Development
  • Recognizing Opportunity (Product Ideation & Product-Market Fit)
  • Research Skills
  • Team Management (projects with different moving parts)

Technical Skills:

  • CMSs / WHM / GA + dozens of online tools
  • Film / Video Production (most aspects - currently Production Manager)
  • Content Writing / Content Marketing
  • Basic Photoshop / Illustrator
  • eCommerce

Successful DAOs aren’t born overnight. All DAOs suffer from coordination problems. Today, building a successful DAO means good leadership, decision-making, and :hammer_and_pick: participation :hammer_and_pick:.

If Buzzed Bears can collaborate, coordinate, and work together, we can build not just from the top-down, but from the ground up.

Personally I’m willing to offer time + some combination or my above experience. I do have access to a small team of skilled, creative video content producers we might be able to leverage if anyone has a specific idea.

I’ve gone on too long, this hookah is giving me a buzz. Double Apple :apple: :green_apple: is the real OG.

What about you guys? What brings you here, and how might you consider getting involved?

Stay buzzed.


Great idea! I was going to ask the Dev team to publish their own profiles on the website but this is a better idea.

My Twitter handle is I don’t feel like I have much to offer except idea formulation and creativity. I have worked in Accounting but just about to finish an MSc in Cyber Security and will be taking a job in Information Security soon with a view to doing a PhD in Data Privacy.


  • Writing - Formal/creative (Reports, stories, articles and poetry etc)
  • Artistic - Normally traditional art but recently moved into digital (Check drawing competition on Discord)
  • Research - Also have skills in research

I don’t like to inflate my ego too much but I think I can contribute most with idea formulation etc. Will offer help where I can.


Great idea indeed, so here’s my part :bear:

I’m a full stack developer (mostly Js frameworks) lately transitioning to web3 dev.

Not sure, team need any more devs (bbh site is clean af) but still willing to offer time and skills if that’s needed.

I think it’d be cool (transparency wise) to have some UI to visualize holders and how many :bear: we each hold, let me know if that something you dig or if it doesn’t make sense to you.

:mushroom: :bear: :deciduous_tree:


Love this idea!

I dropped out of Penn State (philosophy) to pursue art and entrepreneurship. Last year I studied underneath Jack Butcher, the man behind Vizualize Value, and turned my attention toward leveraging Twitter for eCommerce and community building.

Soft Skills:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Talent Spotting
  • Rapid Learning
  • Communication
  • Intuition
  • Curation from free digital databases

Technical Skills:

  • Notion
  • Copywriting
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Photoshop / Figma / Procreate
  • Acrylic Painting & Woodworking
  • Basic Merchandise Design
  • Drone Photography

Super excited to have stumbled upon this so early! I would love to help in any capacity that empowers the DAO.


My Twitter is @clickablename

I am a chartered accountant with masters in finance. I come from a. More traditional finance / data analytics background, running models on million row datasets and advising on multi-billion dollar transactions in the debt capital markets (loans and derivatives).

I’m good with numbers and have experience with treasury risk management.

Casually coding webapps, web3 and Sql etc. Discovering niche NFT/crypto profit opportunities.


I’m @vagobond on Twitter or Bald Jesus on discord. I’m the founder of a small tech company, author of ten or so books you’ve never heard of, and a serial entrepreneur. I’ve worked in finance and travel previously, always interested in alternative economic systems and have been paying attention to the rise of digital money since the WoW gold farmer days. Didn’t pull the trigger on crypto until 2017 and have been deep in it since. Co-founded a failed meme coin in 2018, got into NFTs in 2020 with Doctor Who Worlds Apart and then Pixel Vault this year. Been in the rabbit hole since - I really love this space. Founder of Bald Jesus Collective and have been enjoying interacting with artists and creating new art on a regular basis - I love tech but art and destabilizing the legacy economic system is where my true joy resides.


gm bear family,

My name is Ivan ( and I am heavily involved in crypto, taking care of the marketing for AdEx Network ( since 2019.

My powers: all things marketing, including design, landing page optimization, copywriting, strategy, little SEO, social media and more. I am also good at managing products - software development project management, ideation, research, MVPs, A/B testing, launching, etc.

I am seasoned in DeFi but had little experience with NFTs before the Bears. Slept through BAYC, but decided to eventually test some NFT projects to explore how community building, minting, etc. works, so I bought two bears mainly because I loved the organical hype behding the project, the plans for a DAO and the artwork. I have bought few NFTs ever since, but my fav bear is still my avatar on twitter bc I love it.

I can see a future involvement with the project and I’m willing to contribute my skills and some of my time. :heart:


Hi fellow bears

Bop2top on the discord, I am a lawyer out of the uk focusing on commercial contracts. Happy to try and dig into legal queries where I can but if we are focussing on Portugal/EU/US which seems to be where the devs and most owners are from I can’t help as much but can do my best to use resources and contacts I have to try to find solutions.

First NFT project I’ve been involved in purely because of how appealing the DAO and general community was.



I’m @solacrypto on twitter or sola-san on discord. I’m a Canadian XR dev/researcher in my professional life.
I deal way too much with government grant type work and the like.
Previously I’ve worked on being a sysadmin and still run a number of servers for my own purposes.
Very weeb and fairly oriented in pixiv twittersphere space on my main twitter, a bit way too obsessed tbh.
Outside of computer life I tend to just do drone photography and collecting weeb merch.

Heavy believer in the potential of DAOs, I think collectively we can come up with some really ingenius economic plans.



I am willing to get involved as soon as possible


  • Accounting and finance
  • Sales/ Marketing
  • Risk management and Portfolio construction
  • basic legal administrative paperwork
  • growth hacking
  • brand management

I dropped out of OSU 2 years ago when my one-man business broke $700k in revenue. For the last 18 months, I have been working as a commodities analyst doing research on the precious metals and uranium markets. I have been looking at DEFI/DAOs/social-tokens for a while now and finally decided to jump in headfirst.

I would love to help our community grow in any way possible. Please let me know how my skills can be best utilized.

early-stage ideas

  • apply for a Wyoming DAO llc (rn we all have unlimited liability)
  • make a business plan with 6-12-18-24 month goals, break these goals down into tasks, and form teams to tackle the tasks (works best in a mind map)
  • form a team to research what successful DAOs are doing and then copy them
  • identify our risk tolerance and construct a weighted portfolio to maximize returns

I am new to all of this DAO stuff so I hope these ideas are original and helpful.




Lot’s of insane talent in here, which is encouraging to see.

I go by investindigital on most social media.

My skills are growth marketing, with my strength being content strategy and content creation.

I managed SEO for Starbucks and led them to 100% YoY organic search growth. My last role was director of strategy for a digital asset hedge fund, where we managed bitcoin and ethereum for institutional investors.

Previously owned a daily fantasy sports site where we sold projections and premium content. I noticed the upside of crypto in late 2016 and sold my site to focus on crypto entirely.

I do some videos in my free time. I think we should go all-in on video for organic marketing.

I currently do marketing for crypto and defi companies and manage my own investments as my day job.

I’ll give you my input but never one to force an idea. Happy to help in anyway I can.

I do love the upside of the project and am super long buzzed bears.


Good morning!

My Twitter handle is @dawgs_rx. Dunno how much help I can be in setting some of these things up on the finance side… I’m in the medical field as a hospital pharmacist. Mainly focusing on inventory control, managing automated dispensing machines throughout the hospital & other various tasks.

However, I have been following/into crypto/NFTs for quite awhile now and am very highly motivated wherever additional help is needed to get things rolling along. Quick learner all around and while I don’t have any real in-depth coding/programming knowledge more than tech savvy.


How’s everyone doing,
After reading everyone’s qualification’s I’m super impressed and in that respect I’m probably somewhat under qualified but am super happy to contribute. on twitter, Full time wage cuck part time crypto degen/internet sleuth since 2016.
I consider myself to be a hard worker, ambitious and highly creative.
No formal experience to do with anything helpful really (marketing/finances/content creation or any programming) but believe I can provide a useful second or third opinion on most subjects as I’m interested in a wide variety and don’t mind a bit of reading if I don’t understand the subject matter.

Buzzedbears were my first NFT and this is my first time participating in a DAO, I was initially drawn to it for that aspect (bonus the bears enjoy indulging on awesome substances).
Stoked to be this early in the whole crypto space, the potential possibilities to change to world in so many ways just blows my mind so am more than happy to help out where ever I can.

- XDog


Hey everyone,

What a great idea! I am not entirely sure where my skillset and background fits within this community, but here is a little about me:

I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. While attending college, I interned with a company as an Embedded Firmware Engineer. During my internship, I obtained two patents for the company as a co-inventor for firmware contribution. I continue to work for this company today.

I got into crypto earlier this year, as a form of diversification for my investment portfolio. I quickly saw the potential in this space and began investing heavily into different areas of it. One such area I saw a huge potential in was DAOs. I recently got into NFTs and when I came across Buzzed Bears, I immediately wanted a part of it. This marks my first foray into a DAO and I am very excited to be here.

So how can I help? While I doubt my skills in bare metal programming will be much use, I have acquired secondary skills as an engineer that have come with the territory, these are:

  • Problem Solving - engineers are good problem solvers, which is good because I enjoy a good challenge!
  • Critical Thinking - I am good at thinking of solutions from multiple angles.
  • Team Player - everyone has something unique to contribute. Just listen!
  • Quick Learner - engineering is a fast evolving field. This is a must.
  • Enjoys Learning - I like to learn as much as I can on the subjects I am interested in. Crypto is just one more of those subjects.
  • Passionate Worker - I take a lot of pride in my work. I believe your work reflects your work ethic. The same can be said on the success of your investments. I give 100% in all the work I do.

If given the opportunity, I would love to apply these skills I have acquired as an engineer to this DAO. I would like to help solve problems, think of solutions, and be involved to help shape this DAO into something of a success story. Thanks for any consideration.

You can reach me on Twitter @aBianryMind1 and Discord as aBinaryMind.


I’m rolling with alphas and it’s incredible.

I’ll help with anything, I want this to be my full time dedication.

Soft Skills:

Team Lead/Supervisor
Complaints Resolution Specialist
Hospitality and Tourism

Technical Skills:

2nd Degree Black Belt - Tae Kwon Do
EcoTourism/Forestry Wildlife Management
Wilderness Survival First Aid/CPR & AED Emergency First Aid
Certified Hiking Guide Banff National Park
SQM World Class Certified Customer Service

Life Skills:

Music and Visual Art Connoisseur
Recorded albums, mixed media collage *Partner is a graduate Master of Fine Arts @kate_rogers_art - INSTAGRAM, give her a follow :wink:
Profound spiritual experiences with psychedelics, you know it bears.



Hi all. and Overanalyser in the forums.

My background is in chemistry and some technical management / team leadership.

I went 100% crypto in May and have been a contributor at INDEXcoop since October 2020 (Which is why I still have my Owl avatar).

My crypto portfolio is ETH and DeFi focused with a major preference for earning passive yield. Over at, I lead the Product working group looking at designing / launching / maintaining Index funds ($DPI, $MVI, $BED, ETH2-FLI…). I’m particularly interested in liquidity and have been responsible for our liquidity mining / management since January (???).

I’ve collected a few NFT’s but BBH is the only pfp focused project. I was attracted by the fact I know a few of the core team and I like the

Crypto skills:

I feel my natural place in the Hideout is as a community member and possibly some form of treasury management (Just don’t ask me to flip NFT’s).

I’m looking forward to seeing what we can build (and meeting a few of you for coffee/beer). :bear:





Global Logistics
Supply Chain Management
Behavioral Science
Published Photographer


Hey Fellow Bears I go by Arhcola on here and on Twitter. I’d love to have some type of roll and will help with anything I can.

Graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey. My concentration was Finance with a minor in Accounting.

Current Employment
Senior Customer Service Rep onsite at The University of VA Medical Center

Im a huge believer in crypto. Been in the space a few years now. Mostly hodle and trade Futures. Just started getting more involved in Defi 6 months ago and Im looking to dip my toes into staking, farming and NFTs.

We will all make it together!


Hey Bears,

Great initiative, its so good to get to know everyone a little more.

My twitter is same as discord.

Like many others, Buzzed Bears was my first venture into the NFT space. I joined crypto in January 2021. Made a lot of mistakes with leverage and liquidation meaning I was down when the market was up, but have recovered myself since this. I kept looking at NFTs and didn’t understand the value of a jpeg until I came across the bears. Now they’re my biggest investment and the only group I really chat in. Thanks all for being so welcoming. Also I have some other NFTs, some coz they’re cute, some coz I just can’t help myself, and some I’ll probably regret not holding my eth, but you can see a bunch of them at The World Of Crypto Chicca

So, I talk to much, I write too much, and hubby tells me this can be annoying at times, but my super skill is in influencing. In real life I rely on charisma, but in the cyber world, I’ve taken a recent liking to twitter after a seriously long hibernation.

My other super skill is in connecting dots. I’m an analyzer, strategic thinker and ideas person and will run down any rabbit hole. Doesn’t mean all my ideas are good, but I’ve got an eye for business and making money and generally problem solving for people so if you’re thinking of wanting to do something and only partially in the general direction of where you wanna be, just shoot it out to the universe and I’ll probably have a heap of thoughts - one of them usually is good lol

Other stuff about me:

  • Lawyer with experience in family, property, employment and litigation mostly (but I no longer practice)
  • Used to manage and develop property for one of Australia’s largest petrol station brands (hence my interest in metaverse land)
  • Business improvement and implementation on large scale
  • Previously led teams up to 150 people in various business including for government with a focus on people management, strategy and business development and operational efficiency improvements
  • wife and mum of 3 kids (probably should have started with this - love them lol)

Just putting it out there, I usually leave the finance and admin to others, so glad there’s a lot of finance gurus in the group. However, if you want heart, passion, enthusiasm, relentless - that’s me.

I took a break from work just as covid hit in Australia in 2020, so I have plenty of time on my hands to help out in the chat, or if we need stuff tweeted or other things I can contribute to the group.

For now I am focused on life. I am fascinated by the metaverse and gaming and am super keen on starting a gaming development course as I would really love to make a computer game. I’ve been creating pixelart (the adventures of Bitman and Etherboy) with the idea of making it into a comic series and potentially a computer game down the track. Maybe a quest game for the bears - ‘Where’s my weed?’ alike leisure suit larry series (now I’m seriously showing my age but if you don’t know what this is look it up it was seriously the best)

My experience in the IT / tech world isn’t much. Started crypto in Jan, recently moved into cefi and NFTs. Eager to understand more about defi and constantly googling all the buzz words in the group. Appreciate being surrounded by so many talented people and in awe of that. Happy to help where I can, just ask.