Ideas Board for Brand Development / Honey Pot Investment

Hi All, I see a lot of great ideas in the Buzzed Bear Discord, and wanted to start this thread, so that whenever someone gets an idea, they can make a comment here, so we keep them all in one place. That way, if anyone gets time, motivation etc they can research and propose something. Also, some ideas we might have, might be great, but not great right now, but at a future date, we want to come back to them and not forget them. So start brain storming bears, let’s get creative. How do you want to spend / invest the honey pot? Where do you want to take the Buzzed Bears brand? There is no pressure to act on this, this just becomes a big wish list that anyone can investigate. Post below. :point_down:

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I’ll start this off with, what about ‘honey’ with ‘buzzed bear’ branding. I met a guy who makes honey in another NFT group, and he can do this for us, either in a standard jar, or in a bear shaped jar. This could be a nice thing to do when we launch the ‘bee’ companion NFTs, and proceeds flowing to the honeypot. Thats one big honey flow.

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I would love to have my buzzed bear as a real world fluffy teddy bear :slightly_smiling_face: