iLusive sAm for Community Manager

Author(s): @FelFireFerret (edited by @SQX)
Discussions-to: [Community Manager Channel (Discord) and comments below] Created: [16/05/2022]
Implementation (immediate): [Added if BIP passes]

Buzzed Summary
After a process of selection and the need to implement some structure, ILusive Sam is to be hired as Community Manager

To hire a Community manager.

ILusive Sam is already working with BBH as a mod lite.

On the last voice-meeting on April 13th (available at General meeting 2022-05-13 - YouTube) this topic was addressed and the candidates presented themselves.
Their views and opinions may be consulted by persons that weren’t attending, and these persons are still on our discord server, available to address any questions about their skills and plans.
The candidates shall keep up with tasks presented next paragraph. The tasks shall be fulfilled but are not exclusive, being the following list a reference for discussion before the BIP.

iLusive sAm:

  1. Lead bears within discord

  2. Social engager and communicator within discord

  3. Communicator through other BBH outlets

  4. Organizing discord and community events

  5. Check ins with honeypot manager and help communication with bears

  6. Lead for giveaways

  7. Sharing information across all teams

  8. Support moderators, active team and project teams to achieve goals

  9. …. And such other tasks as may be needed as community manager

The suggested payment as of present day is 1200 US dollars monthly paid in ETH.

From several months now, there is a community sentiment regarding the lack of an official Community Manager.
The process was initiated and it’s imperative that BBH keeps their commitments fulfilled.

Specification Overview
The appointment can be effective immediately after the correspondent BIP is approved.
Current moderators and founders shall help the appointees on eventual early difficulties navigating our microclimate, and also assist providing any info necessary to fulfil their roles/tasks.

Keeping up, in an effective way, with the tasks pointed in Abstract, has proved to be very difficult with current human resources available. The appointment of a dedicated person can improve internal communication and organization.


I support this. Lets do it.

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Thank you for the proposal fam.

I will be there to work on with the community as a family, like we always have been :blush:

Hoping for the best of the DAO in the days to come.

Let’s build together!

I just need to write this: :heart:

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