Investing into the Illuvium SLP staking pool

Illuvium is aiming to be the premiere AAA block chain based play to earn game. NFT’s will be a staple of the game. They currently have 700%+ staking rewards if we provide liquidity on Sushiswap and stake the SLP for 1 year. Rewards are compounded as well once claimed in ILV and autovested for 1 year from date of claim. Their team is comprised of DEFI veterans one of which co founded Synthetix. ILV token holders receive revenue distribution from any and all future games, and I have spoken with one of the co founders and have confirmed they will have other AAA games as well. I am getting the impression they could become the Blizzard of blockchain based games. They have many character leaks, and display a lot of their completed work within their discord. There will be another trailer launching soon as well. With such a promising future, high rate of return from staking, and longevity with a top tier team it could be an investment that pays dividends many times over what is invested. I am proposing an investment of a total of 4 ETH (2 ETH worth of Illuvium and 2 ETH in order to provide the liquidity on Sushiswap).


I like this proposal. Seems a bit risky, but fits with the metaverse strategy and their trailers look pretty cool.