Jenkins the Valet, Writers Room NFT

I mentioned this in the #general Discord channel earlier and after skimming through the other posts there does appear to be some similar ideas which could be combined or folded into one another in some way. For anyone unaware of this NFT it is essentially aiming to create a community generated book (digital/physical copies). By owning a Writer’s Room NFT, you are granted voting rights as to how the book is written.

The first book is only going to include BAYC & Mutants but this is going to open up to others as well moving forward. So we could license BBH characters into these books which is fantastic for brand promotion and recognition. Both digital and physical copies will be made and by holding onto the NFT we earn royalties each time a copy is sold/resold, indefinitely. Another perk, as passive income stream.

There are 4 tiers which determines voting power & level of access/involvement in any given book. A little over 6,900 of these in total and will not be any more; you need to own one in order to license one of your characters into a book.

Also, they’re working on a portal for holders to partner with people who don’t own one but want to license their character into a book. This creates another potential income stream by generating revenue using someone else’s NFT even when we do not own it. Not to mention it brings more attention to BBH & allows us to show this project is strong, trustable, and engaged in the larger community such that others want to work with us to help the NFT community grow.

Looking at the OS page, you can see that they’ve grown rather quickly in the last few weeks. I purchased 2 Yacht Keys just yesterday so I am learning about this still in some capacity as well. But they received some kind of grant from BAYC as well basically acknowledging the partnership.

Would love to hear some feedback one way or the other. I intend to hold both I have until at least the first book is fully released and will reevaluate then, but it looks to be solid and with lots of future potential if they are able to include more & more projects into the books.


I too like this Jenkins project and have bought in already.

As you suggested this could be a great opportunity for the DAO to gain exposure with the BAYC community with the potential for a direct financial return if the project is successful. Two birds with one stone, would definately get my vote.

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To clarify, is there any official announcement on how many of the NFT’s we would need to hold in order to get our characters in the book?

So you only need 1 in order to get a character in. However, depending on which tier you have determines how the character is included. Copied this straight from the website FAQ…

" Tier 1: Yacht

  • 215 votes on each proposal in the Writer’s Room
  • Your ape is in the book if you own one or you are referenced in the story in some other way if you don’t

Tier 2: Valet Stand

  • 50 votes on each proposal in the Writer’s Room
  • Your ape is in an illustration if you own one or you are referenced in some other way if you don’t

Tier 3: Yacht Keys

  • 10 votes on each proposal in the Writer’s Room
  • Your ape is in a game of “Where’s Jenkins” on the back inside cover if you own one or you are referenced in some other way if you don’t

Tier 4: Valet Ticket

  • 5 votes on each proposal in the Writer’s Room
  • Your name (and ape if you own one) is listed in the acknowledgements"

Keep in mind this is for the first book and could very well change for future ones in terms of how a character is included based on tier

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A Yacht seems pricey, but a few valet stands could get a few bears into the story. I like the Idea. Price is roughly 1eth per valet stand


Yeah prices have fluctuated with early buyers trying to flip and get out. I really wanted a stand to get picture of characters in but so long as you license a character, royalties can be collected indefinitely when the books are sold.


i like the idea of a few stands if we believe in the project

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