Lending Platform with Bears as Collateral?

Maybe someone already proposed this… but I think it would be Cool if there was a way we could use the Bears as Collateral to borrow from the Dao with maybe a 8% interest payback rate to receive your bear back… it allows The Bear Holders access to Cash Flow without having to Sell their bears and Flooding the Markets which devalues the bears. its a win/win/win… the dao makes 8% interest, Bear holders get access to loans and the Bears aren’t flooding the markets… but of course because of the volatility… make the Max borrowing amount value 1/2 of the bears Expected resell value.


Interesting idea. I would defer to defijesus regarding the reality of implementing something of this complexity.


This would be rather difficult for us to build well, but there are projects out there looking to do just that for any NFT. Shegenerates on twitter is building a platform called DanceFloor, and there’s already some others who’s names escape me atm.

With that said, I’d defer to those other projects for this sort of thing, instead of making us a monolith


Fair Enough… Im not a Programmer So I’m not sure of the complexity. but I can imagine it being difficult. Maybe Lending Protocols like Compound and Aave May have Tips on how to make such a thing exist if thats a road the Development team may want to consider. however. not super important. just an Idea… =)

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