Let's Buy a Whole Cryptopunk

I am aware that BBH currently owns part of a Zombie ($22,168 worth), but I think the BBH DAO should seriously consider buying a whole Cryptopunk with part of the 240 ETH available. Below are a few reasons alone we should consider it, but I would love to get some feedback from the community. Thanks.

1. Increase in BBH Awareness: I can only imagine the hype around a DAO coming together to purchase a Cryptopunk. Not only will we increase awareness around BBH and DAO’s but also we will attract prospective members/holders.

2. Attracting People New to the NFT world: We all know there are people out there looking to get involved in the NFT space, and if they are interested, they have likely heard of Punks. If BBH has a Punk, it will give newbies an opportunity to not only “own a punk” but join a great community, learn more about the NFT space, and get educated on DAOs as well.

3. Attracting Existing NFT Holders: Quality, engaged, and dedicated members are the key to a strong community and successful project. I love that BBH is a DAO, but imagine the power behind the DAO that came together to buy a Punk! We need to continue to push and find ways to make BBH an attractive project and community for people to join.

4. Value Investment: No other way to put it than Punks are Punks. Ultimately, every NFT project owes a tip of the cap to Cryptopunks for helping open the door to the space. If you are part of BBH, you likely agree that Cryptopunks value will only continue to go up from here. Most recently, for example, when “mainstream” brands begin to enter the space, they will look to Cryptopunks. We have seen this with VISA, as well as, fractional investing platforms like Otis and Rallyroad.

We have the funds to do something like this, to me, it makes all the sense in the world, but I would love to get your feedback.


I think owning a CryptoPunk ought to be a longer term goal. Currently, buying a single floor punk would almost cut our Honeypot in half. We need to put our ETH to work developing proposals. The 50 ETH already discussed to be assigned to @GFunk.eth & @tropoFarmer is enough for now I think.

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