Long-Term Investment Goal - Win a Noun Auction

I am just posting this here as a quick shower thought, and without enough data to create a formal proposal. I would love feedback and I think it would be a fun point of discussion.

We as a collective of Bears should try to win a Nouns auction. WTF is a Noun and why would I suggest this?

A Noun is a generative 8-bit styled NFT Art piece that is an experiment in capital accumulation and layered governance. Every 24 hours, for the life of the Ethereum network, a new noun is generated and auctioned off. The proceeds from the auction are placed into the NounsDAO. Owning a Noun grants you a vote in the DAO. Which currently controls 1514 ETH, since the first Noun auction completed on Aug 9th.

The obstacle is that each noun goes through a pretty heavy bidding war, and typically over 50-100ETH. The cool thing is, even if we don’t win the Noun, an ENS for the DAO could be registered and would show on the leaderboard each time we bid on a Noun.

If we were to win a Noun, we would then have fractional ownership and governance of a huge pool of ETH, effectively layering our investment strategies. That is the point of Nouns - to create a DAO of DAOs.

Check it out if you haven’t seen it: https://www.nouns.wtf


Pretty cool idea about the ENS and getting visibility on the leaderboard!

Thanks! The noun community is awesome, too. It would be a great way to grow the BB community and network with other DAO’s - SharkDAO is a DAO that bids on nouns, there are a few others forming. Noun #12 was on PartyBid today.

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I’m involved in SharkDao which own nouns #2 and #5, as is defijesus. I’d be happy to bid on a noun for exposure, but I do believe the bears are priced out of a full Noun as the price stands right now. I’d love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on Nouns and the idea as well

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Both @DefiJesus and I are both also part of SharkDAO, although he’s playing a more active role there. Perhaps some collab can come into play?

@DefiJesus BearShark NFT series?

This would be awesome.