Marketing Committee

Hello Buzzers :bear: ,

Our community has had many sidebar conversations about our marketing efforts. Between all the pump and dumps in the market, we have focused primarily on organic growth and have not paid any influencers to pump our project. This has proven successful that we still have had wide distribution as well as a tight-knit engaged community. We would like to uphold these values while keeping our marketing committee as bear holders. :white_check_mark:

What we’re facing issues with, is that we have so many projects that we are launching and cannot focus all of our attention to marketing at all times - even from an organic approach. Because of this, we want to expand a new committee to work with me to own and operate our marketing wing. :memo:

Here are some of the top of mind things I can think of at the moment of where we need to get started:

:bird: Twitter Needs:
Comms type: General and official comms surrounding project, gain traction w/in crypto twitter community,

  • Get Twitter following to an organic 10K+
  • 2-4 tweets of content each day
  • Interaction w/ all replies & tags
  • DM Management for questions
  • DM outreach for collaboration / partnership

:camera_flash: Instagram:
Comms type: highlight artistry, BBH store to come, gain traction in the 420 community to appease to

  • Get Instagram to 1K+ followers
  • 4-5 feed posts per week
  • 1-2 story posts per day

:studio_microphone: TikTok:
Comms type: Highlighting wins of the DAO, education surrounding NFTs, DAOs & Defi, & behind the scenes, casual and fun

  • Get to 10K followers
  • Post 3-4 tiktoks / week
  • Create captivating storylines to gain widespread attention, not just NFT market

:film_projector: Youtube:
Comms type: Brand expansion for new partnerships and prospects

  • Recordings of TBD IRL DAO/Community events
  • Podcast recordings / virtual event highlights
  • Interviews / Testimonials w/ Buzzed Bears of the community

:people_holding_hands: Community-Generated Content:

  • Great a UGC model that works for the community and platform shared
  • Credit to BB creator on each platform shared

:memo: Skillsets needed:

  • Social Media Manager, oversee ops & postings
  • Graphic Design, Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Video shooting & Editing software
  • Content creators
  • Add your skills below that you think may be helpful!

:white_check_mark: Preliminary Marketing Committee expectations:

  • 5-8 hours per week towards assigned projects depending on role
  • Private channel to sync on expectations
  • Biweekly/monthly syncs on updates, progress, and brainstorming

:bar_chart: Compensation & Rewards:

  • Open to proposals in the comments on how we commit & reward the committee.

Let me know your thoughts and comment below if you’re interested in getting involved! So excited to work with the most brilliant bears :bear: !

-Diana :white_heart:


I’m happy to help with twitter and be on a marketing committee. I used to write comms in one of my jobs but no formal quals. Happy to help in whatever fashion I can in this group as i’m long term committee - great idea. Cheers, Bec


Heya family, I’m interested in helping out. I might help with almost everything listed in the topic, probably without video creation. You can check my skillset in the Human Resource Directory, anyway can be helping with: - content creation and moderation for Twitter, design (mainly work with pre-aproved templates and change elements), strategy, etc.


I would love to dedicate my time to this, communications is my specialty and we have so much talent to draw from.


I can make quick video updates of what’s happening in the community.

Not sure of the cadence yet but maybe twice a month to start and as things ramp up it could be weekly.

We could do community video interviews as well or keep it on Twitter spaces.


I totally support the idea of creating marketing committee!


Sounds good. Let’s hammer out committee election process and then go from there. A concentrated group of people dedicated to the subject to hammer out proposals would be ideal.


We could use committees for various things. Let’s hammer out a process for committees in general - nominations, elections, and function. How does that sound?


I think consistent, coordinated output with goals is essential. I would support a team of people passionate about taking it on. Also, bears following bears is the dopest organic growth I’m personally experiencing, let’s keep that up


Hi @diana! I love all of the hard work that you’ve put into this. I 100% agree with all of the initiatives you’ve suggested but I’d also like to suggest that we additionally target podcasts. We can do interviews, giveaway bears to hosts, and etc. It’d be a great way to get some more exposure on this project from our ideal participants as podcast listeners typically have higher household incomes. I’m more than willing to get involved however is needed!


I currently have twtr up for work and maintain some simple twtr interaction for other projects. I could do the same here. let me know.


Yooo, this would be great!! Yes, I fully support setting up a Bear Marketing Committee and giving them the reigns to do some twitter / Insta posting… and everything else you’ve mentioned in your post @diana

I’m a little rubbish on the socials side of things, but I can certainly make some beats / sound editing for any videos or posts that would want some original buzzed bear beats / soundtrack!

…I still need to share some of my work on the Discord Dancefloor! I will do it! Sooon x :bear: :mushroom: :earth_africa: :deciduous_tree:

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Also! I mentioned this in the discord, but to avoid it getting lost in the buzz…

Perhaps a bear or two within this Buzzed Marketing Committee could be responsible for making internal announcements / sharing any online campaigns in the discord ‘announcements’ channel.

Mobilise the discord bears for retweets / likes / shares, and also general Hideout wins that we can announce in the discord x


I think this is key to becoming a colossal brand. Once we gain that traction there’s no stopping us!


Thanks for posting about this but almost missed it because it didn’t come through discord. Maybe we can add a bot channel or something for when a new thread is created on this site to increase visibility.

Glad to see this and would like to help out however I can. Agree with most of the sentiment here and think forming a team for this is essential.

Growing followers is great and all but it doesn’t matter much unless they are truly engaged with the brand. I feel like what’s more important than boosting numbers is building a tight knit and welcoming community by telling an engaging story and being present/visible in the crypto/nft space, if you build it they will come. I’m not in favor of things like impression mining and paid influencers at this stage in the game, as I feel it can make it more difficult to control the narrative and associations and we could get burned or manipulated. I fear pump and dumpers will jump on this hard and that’s not helping us long term and could damage the brand. There are also easy ways to fake the stats with bot accounts and such too, so I feel like we should be careful about openly offering incentives for such things. People shouldn’t need an incentive if they want to share this, the value add to posting about it on your personal accounts for free is that with more demand for bears, comes higher secondary market prices. Remember 10k is a very small supply relative to the number of people on the planet.

Patience and consistency are the key IMO, love that BBH has grown this much already with only organic promotion and feel like we should stay on this path for now at least.

Service is the most underrated but (IMO) most important part of marketing for any brand. Having support team spread across different time zones is smart as it spreads the load and ensures timely responses. With more people empowered to handle this it could be a lot easier for the core team.

I think more visibility and clarity in what is going on behind the scenes will go a long way as I see a lot of people in the discord are not aware of all that is happening such as the fractional punk and the various proposals being developed. That’s the sort of stuff that gets savvy investors to ape in. Perhaps @diana or someone else could commit to weekly or semi-weekly updates in a read only discord thread to keep less active bears informed and allow a perspective bear or new member one place to catch up on all that’s been/being done.

There is a lot of moving parts to this and feel like finding a group that wants to participate and hashing it out together on the voice channel would be the best way to get the ball rolling quickly.




i agree. especially down here where it is easy to get confused. growth in numbers and tight knit community will grow hand in hand.

A separate channel in discord that pings the relevant people (those who have commented in a tread prior?) could be useful or at least a channel that has a ping for all active discussions.



Great post - wish i saw this before I went ahead and wrote my post re: twitter account in the discord!

Thanks to Diana for directing me here where I’ll paste my original post.

Before I do, I want to just say I wrote it before I saw the OP- so you can probably ignore my objectives in favour of the one in the OP which I support.

My only comment on the above is that there seem to be a lot of social networking services- so I would maybe caution to say why not start with 1-2 where we have strength in and concentrate our efforts, then brand out into others as we hit our stride and ensure we have the people (and media) to keep so many channels active… (or not if you want to full send!)

My post from discord is below, with a few initiatives the BB’s doing this could consider… of course im happy to help execute some/shitpost/ideate etc also :slight_smile:

My post from discord:

To grow reach on twitter

As measured by:

  • post minimum 1 tweet a day
  • reply to all/engage with all mentions
  • feature in x number of crossover categories
  • follower count, reshare go up

Justification for measurement:
Basically we just want to establish more of a consistent presence initially, then make sure we’re engaging with anyone who is using our hashtag etc.

The cross over category is based on the rational that we need to feature in channels which are not focused on BB- for example a newspaper, a twitter account, youtuber, or whatever. So I propose counting success in this objective as being mentioned in a number of these categories we have to flesh out (examples would be: similar projects, projects we think the communities would be receptive to BB etc)

First 3 initiatives:

  • Establish baseline posts
    There is software out there that automates posting and helps scan for relevant hashtags etc. The task is to sign up to that, think of 365 or so witty BB related posts and write them in before they are needed and schedule them to be auto posted every day. Of course, this just provides the base line tweets.

  • Identify cross promotion accounts
    Which accounts should we follow or want to have follow us, etc. I’d expect a list of accounts, keywords, hashtags, etc we’d like to cross promote in and identify say 100 of these according to whos audiences are most likely to be interested in BB. This will be used for engaging with later.

  • Set up the execution/ongoing posting
    We want to get more reach we need organic followers we need to engage 24/7 almost. So simply we need to be able to respond and have people with access to the twitter account to operate it. I tweeted a day ago i got a buzzed bear - no interaction from the official twitter account as of writing this (at least a day)… so lets fix that.

  • Costs: the posting software costs money (e.g. buffer, hootsuite). perhaps someone can credit card it on behalf of the BB and receive a floor bear in return? I don’t know how this would work maybe someone else can enlighten how this would work

(note: the initiatives should move the needle on the objectives (as measured by section), but someone might argue other initiatives might be better than the ones i suggested or we might argue about those even if we agree on the objective and metrics… thats cool too and why i structured it using a “OKR” structure)


Re upping this. I would be willing to help manage the Buzzed Bears twtr when i can. nothing exciting. more likes / retweets / call to action of bears when needed type stuff.


I’d be willing to help manage twitter/instagram/discord accounts and help with marketing on those platforms if the team needs another hand. I also have some experience with video transcoding but too nothing crazy, could help out there with some guidance if someone needed a hand too.


Hi @diana, just had a chance to fully read this thread. And pointless me righting anything up, you have covered it all. I can see what you mean now by you just need people to help.

I would like to nominate myself to run the Instagram page. As I feel this is the one that is lagging at the moment.

We could do with a Facebook page so we can create an business account. This way we can do sponsored posts an all socials will interact with each other when one of our page posts, it will carry on over to Twitter and Facebook.

I’d like to run some strategies iv used in the past to gain followers.
This would included:
Mass following
Mass liking
Interaction in comments an DM’s
Shout outs
Sponsored posts.

I think gettin some big social names in the BBH is vital for brand awareness. I run a Cbd company an endorse many influences and seen it work at first hand.

With bears being from all round the world. I think maybe putting a suggestions board for “big names” that bears would like to nominate to be endorsed by us. Then we can whittle them down and begin to contact them.

I think we should encourage all our fellow bears to post about the BBH tags us in everything they do. And also be creative with our bears.

Check out @dylanmayoral on Instagram. Bored ape member who’s does dances with his ape. Been a massive hit the last couple of weeks sure some of use have seen it

Creating bear content to post each day will be much easier for our bears when we have merch that we can use in pictures.

I would also like to put my company forward for a brand collaboration of CBD gummy bears. More on this to follow.