Name Your Bear!

Status: Draft Proposal Author(s): CryptoChicca

Created: 4 October 2021

Implementation (optional): Progress to BIP for implementation in November 2021, if draft supported. ‌Voting and discussion herein - 1 week.

Buzzed Summary

Give your bear a name, not just a number, which will display on OpenSea.

Abstract ‌

This proposal is to allow you to give your bear a name. The name would appear on OpenSea. A buyer of any bear would be able to rename or keep the name chosen.


Do you want to be able to name your bear?
  • Yes
  • No

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I will leave the vote open for 1 week, and then round back.

Thanks for the voting, it appears there is support to name bears. I am taking into account feedback herein and adding some more vote options around time / cost that we need to consider before going to BIP. In comparison, Street Dawgz have an unended name changing process whereas Pixelglyphs have a once off name change. According to @DefiJesus there is a small cost to name changes so a naming ceremony once off is fine, but continual changes would add up so we need to decide on this. If we have continual we would need to cap change frequency or request bears to pay gas to change it again. There are benefits to having a once off, as it could promote people to buy bears as has been said, but also there are benefits to having the option to change your name, say if you are new and you buy a bear and really like the bear but not the name and want to change it. I wanna hear what you all think, so I’ve put voting options below for you to comment please.

How often should a bear’s name be able to be changed?
  • Once as part of a naming ceremony (could be a 3 day window to action)
  • Once for each unique bear regardless of when you do this
  • More than once - once free in a naming ceremony and thereafter cost for name changing to be paid for by the honey pot but limited to 6 monthly intervals
  • More than once - once free as part of the name change ceremony and then a bear holder must pay gas for any name change request that falls after that date

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Some of you may wish to name your bear, and create more of a personal experience. Creating a bond / attachment with your bear through not just a picture, but a name, will make it harder for people to let go of their bear, because it becomes part of their personality. This is also unique and something we can do for free to give benefit to bears, coz we are unique and like to do things different to the main pack.

Specification ‌ Overview

Defijesus can make this happen :blush:


The reasons for this proposal are :

  • Promoting the Buzzed Bear Hideout brand
  • Providing extraneous benefits to Buzzed Bear holders
  • More growth means more revenue for Buzzed Bears

If you don’t want to name your bear, you can just leave it with a number. This would be a choice. So those that wish to proceed can, and those that don’t want to, don’t have to.

Technical Specification

Defijesus can make this happen, thank you.

Test Cases ‌

GoonsNFT are just releasing this naming concept with good feedback.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


I like this, can it be named again?

also, since we were talking about stupid tokens etc… this would be a great usage of stupid tokens:

ability to use !suit !spooky bot
ability to rename

stupid utility. but things people have to earn to use.
also, any ability to mint these derivative prints on Matic? FOR INSTANCE !suit the bear … looks FLY. have a:

!mint : cost stupid tokens


Yeah great ideas!!! We are gonna go bot wild haha And I also really like the idea of the matic minting. I have seen some brands having their superior collection on Eth and their secondary collections on matic.

@DefiJesus I have assumed since it can be named once, that it can be named again, but can you please clarify this aspect thanks. It is a good question.

Nice idea :slight_smile:

I think what might make this even more valuable for buzzers is if you could only name your bear for a certain period of time before you can no longer name the bears… ever. Pixelglpyhs did this and it immediately made those glyphs rarer as only a few actually proceeded to name their glyphs. That way, people who might not have gotten in BBH at the earliest stage can also still have some kind of an influence on how rare their bears might be in the future. Other than that, love the idea.


Love that addition, its a great idea

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Just as an FYI for you all I have a couple of street dawgs and saw a feature on their website where you could nam your dawg so I did and it changed my opensea nft name, pretty cool! I can change it again so it must be something we can do. Having a permanent name may be good or polarising if day someone doesn’t like your name if you go to sell it. I’ll add a vote for permanent / temporary name and limited time / forever.
I personally think flexibility is good as thr ability to join get attachment and name your bear means you are less likely to let it go but let’s see what everyone thinks. Thanks

Moving this forward to a BIP. Will propose a name change ceremony date in December, for the lead up to Christmas, which will give us plenty of time to communicate this to bears, plus any people that want to get bears and have a name change in accordance with the first option.