Proposal: Reward's for Contributers

Status: Proposed

Author(s): VYTOR#5181

Created: 18/10/2021

Buzzed Summary

Implementation of a reward system for BBH contributors.

Abstract ‌

This proposal looks to define a procedure where everyone can submit their contributions to the community and be eligible for rewards.

Motivation ‌

With the growth of the community and the creation of committees, we get more and more people being proactive and putting the “wheel rolling” by themselves. Even so, it is marvelous to see people in the DeFi world working purely by love of the project, they still got bills to pay and everyone should be rewarded if they bring value to the community or the honeypot.

Specification ‌ Overview ‌

We propose a template here, so everyone can fill in their contributions and then, they can be rewarded if that’s the case. The template should be submitted at the end of each month on discord channel #bear-contributions with the correct format name.

At the beginning, rewards will be estimated and distributed by the founding team. The value should be estimated in USD and paid in Ethereum in the first weeks of the next month.

Some funds of the honeypot must be allocated for this initiative.

Therefore, if someone wants to dispute a reward, one of the Discord mods should be contacted to create a channel and then everyone can analyze the situation and get to a consensus.

Template: [DISCORD HANDLER]:[SUBMISSION MONTH] Contributions - Template


In order to work as a DAO it is important to setup a reward system for people committed to the project be compensated. With the community seeing the possibility of making money they may be encouraged to do the same.

Test Cases ‌

We have seen a lot of DAO’s by now implementing ways of awards for those who contribute with them with the aim of encouraging people to join the taskforce.

Copyright ‌

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Confirming support for this proposal


In support as well! I think this might help get more people involved in trying to build our community


Hey this is a great idea and very encouraging to get bears involved and building together. Full support.


I support this proposal.

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Also support this proposal! Posted something similar in general about trying to promote to new people and reward participants who vote with an ETH raffle for voters. Could be worth considering.

Simply giving money to vote is corrupting people they will vote just because. But a raffle is getting me thinking… :thinking:


full support signal, proud of where the community are taking things

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This proposal has my full support 100%

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I support this proposal, as it will help with the growth of the community!


I support this one!!