Second Hand NFTs

This is about an abstract idea and I try to describe it as clear as possible.

Many NFT holders hold countless arts which may not be of value anymore for the public. If they don’t want to hold them anymore, they get dumped to a burn-address or just keep collecting dust in their wallets.

I propose a “second-hand” website (or second ha-nfts) where ppl can auction their nfts for 1 to 100 cents in bulk. the website fees would need to be small and of course gas fees directed to buyers.

There could even be weekly firesales for people to rummage around.

Rewards would of course be distributed.

Lastly. I’m not offering my services for this website. this would need to be curated and withstand high txs volume.


like buying a pack of MtG cards?

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If you wish so. I actually ment bulk only as “comfort-of-life-feature” to easily drop these for auction but they would be single purchases not “packs”.

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The idea of selling as a pack got me thinking. Nowadays we have tons of companies selling monthly box with secret items. That may be work with the “second and nft”.


I agree, this is a problem looking for a solution.

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Interesting. This could actually be a novel way of recreating the mystery box model. Could call it the ‘HoneyDrop’ or something.

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Genius. Blend in some worthwhile NFTs in the mix.

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Very cool idea! Indeed, mix in some(what) more expensive NFT’s randomly in a box or possibly distribute some of the bought back bears which increases community size

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I love this idea.It’s low cost and seems like an original idea. However, this sounds like a real challenge of implementation. Lots of dev hours would be needed to come up with a fresh NFT auction site.

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