Sentiment check / discussion about IRL exposure

Status: Idea

Author(s): KekW

Discussions-to: TODO

Created: 17/08/2021

Implementation (optional): [Added if BIP passes] ‌

Buzzed Summary

We create a legal entity that act’s as our DAO front for IRL exposure.


Let’s talk about how to penetrate beyond walls of crypto. There are multiple venues we can be efficient at and are at low barrier of entry.

Best use-case for BBH with low barrier of entry would be a line of honey-flavored alcoholic drinks. Contractual manufacturing + dropshipping to complement DAO inherit structure with just shell corporation would be a plausable scenario.

Motivation ‌

A lot of crypto projects are trying to penetrate into real world with use-cases and marketing. We will have tough time penetrating into real world for exposure with anything else than alco drinks.

Specification ‌ Overview ‌

We go live. Discuss possible ways…
Idea is to generate small stash of IRL marketing (product or service) which can be used in perpetuity. (i.e. wont buy stock over the initial invested amount / wont sell with profit to make it memeable/ attractive for bar operators etc)

Rationale ‌

We should be able to use “bootstrap” kind of funds, which small companies usually use to launch us live into the world. Average try for a non-bullshit startup company is in the area of 10-15k USD, which is approximately 2% of treasury.

Copyright ‌

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


I like the intent here, as we’re already doing similar things with clothing.

My concern comes from establishing a legal entity as a DAO. I fear if we legally establish ourselves, we no longer become a true DAO and will have to step to any tough regulations that might be coming in places like the US.

I’m open to it though, as the BBH is such a new idea I don’t want to limit us


legal entity in seychelles or some other crypto friendly nation, attorney firm handling day-to-day legal problems and appointed sales person pushing sales mostly online to small pubs. Viral drinks are a thing, look at the goose vodka etc

merch paint’s you clearly as a bear holder, while holding honey flavoured beer will paint anyone as bear holder - win 1 ETH (or equivalent in USD) for taking a picture and tagging us on insta/twitter with Buzzed Bear Beer in your hand! (no face needed)


Too much to chew through, too much overhead, too little upside for the time being. Maybe down the road when we’re more profitable in the space and can support these efforts with an income stream.


I think this is a big community split at the moment. Whether to focus our energies on chain, off chain, or both. I’d like to get some polls going to see where bears are feeling.

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Having an actual legal entity representing the Buzzed Bear DAO will only do more harm than good. There are still ways to interface with the real world without opening a legal entitiy in any country.


I agree with sentiments expressed in the comments. I think that marketing in the real world will be important. It would be best if we did this without establishing a legal entity though. I’m sure some businesses will be open to accepting crypto as payment.