Short Term Focus on Growth


I suggest short term focus should be solely on the success of the project and increasing our revenue, treasury, and interest from the community. I suggest we cease from engaging in any spend that does not help us directly our growth goals. While I think many of the proposals here are fantastic, I think our ability to accomplish any meaningful impact will only be possible with consistent revenues and a growing platform. Let’s make money first, spend money later.

Join me in voting for only growth related directives and against non-essential spend in the short term.


I understand your frustration or the worry that growth isn’t happening quick enough to sustain itself. However, from my perspective these proposals that people are working on are growth strategies in and of themselves. The impact is indirect but no less effective. I might even argue that some will be more effective than direct marketing efforts with no substance to sell it with.


To clarify, I’m not frustrated and I actually support these proposals long term and think they’re fantastic. I do hope nobody feels Im personally opposed to their ideas. I love them.

I’m just suggesting a short term focus.

But yes, good feedback, and agreed many of these are growth initiatives and will contribute to growth.

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Apologies, I thought I was sensing frustration with our growth tactics and pace. I think short-term growth strategies will be important, I just don’t think we should necessarily make it a top priority. Just a healthy balance of focus on both short and long term.

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