Use honey pot funds for defi

y dont we use the honey pot to use some defi protocols or stake some??? and also buy some land on decentraland too what im thinking is
1.25% staking in a pool or defi product making a definite return
2.20% buying nfts
3.20% buying decentaland land and making a paid attraction
4. 15% other erc20 tokens that we can also stake in stakes we can pull from not locked stakes also we can speculate trades with the whole group could be alot of fun
5.10% in a stable coin waiting to buy the dip always staking in a
non-locked stake
6.10% used to make free nft airdrops for our bears that we can merge with our bears on a website we will make with this 10% wen we start and make a progress bar to show how close we r to it and then we the website is ready and merging can happen we will make the free nft airdrops and start droping themm so ppl can merge them with their bears but they can only get them if they hibernate maybe?

hey my bear, we have 45 eth staked in CRV stETH atm and 5 staked in OHM. We also bought 9999 Mana with the view to buying some DCL land, however, we may likely just moon the MANA and take profit. Its just a matter of wait and see. We definitely have funds available for defi, just jump into the crypto chatter channel on discord, and put some ideas up on where you think we should invest, all views are welcome.

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